Friday Fuel: Pointing Fingers at Don Miller, Raising Antagonists and Living Imperfectly

February 7, 2014

Does it feel like this week didn’t really happen?

Maybe it does if you’re like me and you had snow days for most of this week.  You know how “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”  I’m pretty sure the opposite of that is happening to a few million Midwestern families.  At least, my wife and I are feeling a little cabin fever these days.

With snow blocking us in for much of the week, more of my attention went to fueling my brain via books and blogs.

Here is what fueled me this week.

On My Bookshelfdownload

A few months ago, I supported a friend who was on the path of self-publishing a book.  It’s all about how he got his life back on track after nearly dying of self-neglect.  Today, not only is his physical, mental and spiritual life back in order, but his book is a reality, and I could not be happier for him.  I love the guts it takes to not just pull yourself up out of the valley you might find yourself in, but then share your story with others.  ICU to Marathon is an everyman’s inspirational story.

In My Blog Reader

I will admit it.  I bristled at Don Miller’s post this week.  Yes that one, the post that doesn’t even need mentioning because everyone rushed in to crucify the man.  I didn’t know quite what to do with it.  I was conflicted, a little offended (like I even know why).  But Tyler Braun, a pastor himself wrote what I think is the most fair-minded, grace-filled response to Don Miller not going to church that often.

For all of the “vulnerability” that is celebrated in blogging, I think it’s really a difficult discipline to let yourself be exposed online.  We’d rather paint ourselves better than we really are (which might be why the internet reacts the way it does when it sniffs out actual authenticity).  And that’s why Jeremy Statton’s permission to live an imperfect story was so perfectly timed for me this week.

Finally, I really appreciated Ed Cyzewski’s thoughts on the generation we are raising.  We raise kids on violent TV and games.  We inculcate them in a church culture that is often steeped in conflict.  They look up to us while we engage in daily online battles.  And it begs the question if we have turned our children into a generation of antagonists.  I don’t have kids of my own, but this was still an important read, as I recognize my own influence over other children.

2 responses to Friday Fuel: Pointing Fingers at Don Miller, Raising Antagonists and Living Imperfectly

  1. Thanks for the mention Matt!

    As a teacher, I’m sure you know first hand how easy it is to focus on the negative stuff with kids. When it comes time to look for good blogging material, it’s usually the conflicts that make the most “interesting” stories.

  2. I liked this response to the Miller post, because while some of it pointed the finger at Don (“You owe the church” made me wince a bit) the last paragraph especially pointed the finger in the right direction. What can we expect but narcissism when so much of our “worship” gets bogged down in individualism?