Friday Fuel: V-Day, Marriage Idols, and What You Should Do Every Night

February 14, 2014

Well, it is another one of those pink and red holidays.

My wife and I have never, and I pray will never be bound to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We have Christmas, both of our birthdays and our anniversary within three months of each other.  By the time we get through all of those, our schedules and our bank account are tapped out.  We know we love each other pretty sufficiently without V-Day.

But, I still tried to give a little love to…love this week.  And I really appreciated all the great stuff that was written about the nature of love and relationships this week.  Here’s a delicious taste:

Two Choices Today

I think Valentine’s Day must be one of the most hated holidays of all.  Somehow, even Christmas can’t rankle naysayers the way February’s lovefest can.  I haven’t been a fan of the holiday since I stopped getting cards and candy in elementary school (though I kept the one from a “secret admirer” for a good long time, never finding out who dropped it in my shoebox.)  Ally Vesterfelt gives her V-Day rant, but tells us we really have two choices when it comes to the holiday.

On Marriage Idols

You know, we all have idols.  And as much as we are loathe to admit it, the American church is full of them.  And one big idol is marriage.  There are innumerable churches putting on mixers this week to get all their sad single people fixed up.  In that light, I really enjoyed Jessica Dickson, guest writing for Renee Fisher about how marriage became her idol.

On Giving Up

Countering that, of course there are a lot of negative statistics when it comes to marriage (though somehow, all of the positive statistics get buried).  Christen at The Uncontainable Truth tells us why we shouldn’t give up on marriage on V-Day.

One Small Change

Finally, perhaps the most positive of all the posts I read this week came from Amanda Edwards guest writing for Addie Zierman (two guest writers?)  Addie has been hosting a series called “one small change,” and Amanda nailed it.  A perfect encouragement on what we should do every single night (it’s not that, guys).  Especially timely in light of my post on Wednesday about people paying for hugs.

That’s what filled my blog reader and fueled my mind this week.  What about you?

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