Friday Fuel: Ending It For Real, Dirty Gospels and Questioning Faith

February 28, 2014

What happened, blog land?

You know, some weeks, things are quiet, and other weeks, there seems to be this subtle shift, this heat that is slowly rising beneath the surface.  I think it was a combination of events in Arizona, as well as the End It campaign.  But there was definitely some energy here this week in my blog reader.  I could feel it.

It’s also funny to me how some weeks, all my bookmarked blogs are written by men, and other weeks, it’s mostly ladies.  Today, it happens to be all ladies.  I didn’t try to make that happen.  It’s just coincidence.  So all of these ladies should be commended for powerful writing.

So You Want to End It?

It is an extremely noble cause, wanting to end human trafficking and sex slavery.  But we live in a time when we can “participate” in virtually every noble cause.  And I for one will admit that my “participation” often does not go deeper than being a fashion accessory or a Facebook post.  Lore Ferguson probably wrote the most important words I read this week about what it’s going to take to truly end sex trafficking. (Hint: a  majority of people, even Christians are participating in something that perpetuates the slave trade.)

The R-Rated, Unedited Gospel

We live in a country that is saturated with the gospel…or some form of it.  But we have a very edited, sanitized, censored version of the gospel, really.  It has been taught to us since Sunday School, cleaned up to be “family friendly.”  I completely agree with Emily Wierenga, that perhaps the truest Christians I have met are living in a continent that is starving to death.

A Dirty Little Gospel

Yes, somehow a theme developed in my blog reading this week.  After reading Emily’s words, I came across Hannah Brencher’s.  For all the ways we have sanitized the gospel to be pleasing to religious people, we have often poisoned the gospel to keep outsiders out.

When Our Christian Faith is Questioned

Finally, came these words, on the insult of having our own convictions questioned, of not being considered “Christian” enough by those who take it upon themselves to know best.  How often have we branded each other “heretic” because its easier than showing grace?  Kathy Escobar talks about having her own faith questioned.

And If You Need To Cry Just a Little Bit

I never thought I would say this, but the best thing I saw this week was Jimmy Kimmel.  If you haven’t seen this video, watch all the way to the end, because you can hear the tears coming in his voice, and you’ll probably be crying a little bit too.

For the few great words I named, there were thousands more that I do not have space to share.  But these are a few words that fueled me this week.  What about you?

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