Creative Juice: Inspiration is for Amateurs, So Stop Waiting For It

February 17, 2014

Have you ever felt uninspired?  Like you just can’t get in the flow of things?

I know I have.  I have struggled to get started on writing.  I have struggled to start art projects.  There are days when it all seems easy, and days when it’s just a drag.

Maybe Mondays do it to you.  Or maybe someone at work.  Or maybe the pile of laundry at home drains your inspiration.

Whatever the cause, I have often believed that I have to feel inspired before I get started.

So I try to find just the right place to write, with just the right light and temperature so I’m comfortable.  And I try to listen to just the right music.  And hopefully I will have read just the right books over the last few days so my brain is feeling full.

See, we all have this romantic idea of creativity, that it is this ultra-inspired thing that happens.

The problem is our real lives are never situated just right for maximum inspiration.

We have distractions.  We have problems.  We have writers’ block.  We are tired.

And the quest for inspiration becomes just procrastination.  We never start because we are trying to get inspired.

That’s why I like Chuck Close so much.  He is one of the most accomplished painters of our time.  This is what he says about inspiration.


What if we stopped trying to feel inspired and just did something?  We might just be surprised at how inspiring the results are.

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