Friday Fuel: Uganda, One Night Stands and Overcoming Weakness

January 31, 2014

It’s already been a week since I returned to the States.

I’m still a little jet-lagged and trying to catch up on work and sleep.  And I have a cold.  And I’ve eagerly shared with anyone who asks about Uganda and Rwanda.

Yes, “re-entry” feels like being dropped in a bucket of cold water, and not just because it’s horrendously cold outside.

But wow, there have been some good things going around the blog-world this week.  These were some of my favorites:

Ten Things From Ugandaugandan-selfies

I couldn’t be more glad to see another group of bloggers in Uganda this week.  Emily Freeman is blogging from Uganda and tells us ten things she’s learned.

One Night Stands

Tracee Persiko lays out the fallacy of a “one night stand” approach to relationships.

Everything for a Reason?

Dang it, Zack Hunt, you’ve done it again.  You know how every time something bad happens, we try to comfort one another by saying it happens “for a reason?”  Well, there’s a lot more to reality than that, and Zack does a great job dissecting this old cliche.

Don’t Bother

My friend, Ally Vesterfelt, tells us why it’s no good trying to overcome our weaknesses.  Something I needed to read, big time.

Here’s to the Children

And why does the Kingdom of God belong to the children?  Micah Murray tells us, and it’s really good.

It’s good to be back home, though a piece of my heart is still in Uganda.  Those are few things that fueled me this week.  What about you?

3 responses to Friday Fuel: Uganda, One Night Stands and Overcoming Weakness

  1. Wow! thanks Matt! I appreciate the shout out! Loved looking at the rest of your awesome headlines!
    Tracee recently posted..The one night stand approach to relationships.

  2. Just looking at those smiling faces tells you had a special time in Africa. I’ve traveled to a number of poor countries around the world and felt the children where what made them so special. I’ve lived in Thailand for 10 years, came back to the States for a year and nearly went cray. I’m back in Thailand for a visit and can’t understand why I left.

    I also traveled to the interior of Brazil to help build a church. I went thinking I was there to help the people but found they gave much more than I gave them. It opened my eyes to the beauty of some wonderful people. Some great post you have shared. Welcome home.
    Dannie Hill recently posted..Discovering Hummus