Creative Juice: The More Of The World You See…

January 27, 2014

I have not seen that much of the world.

I would not consider myself a world traveler by any stretch of the imagination.

But something occurred to me last week somewhere between Uganda and Rwanda.

I imagine that one of the perks of being an omnipresent God is that He gets to enjoy everything all the time.  God is enjoying every sunset and sunrise (and isn’t the sun always rising and setting?)  He enjoys every mountain, tree, and snowflake.  God sees every crying baby, every couple in love, every tear that falls from every face.  He sees the pain.  He sees the beauty.

And I suppose it is this ability to see everything that must fill God’s heart with such immense love for the world.  How could He not see all of these things all swirled together and feel ambivalent about it?

As I took tiny glimpses of places and people I had never seen, I started to feel more love, more compassion for these people than I had when they were just abstract shapes in my mind.  I always knew there were hungry children in Africa.  I knew there were slums.  But seeing with my own eyes seemed to increase my ability to feel compassion for people.

That’s pretty important for us Americans, who build tall fences and are obsessed with privacy from our neighbors.  We bury our faces in our phones to avoid eye contact with our neighbors.  And maybe it is taking a toll on how we feel about the world, our neighbors.

With God, love is inevitable.  With us, it is not.  We certainly can ignore the world.  We can fear the world.  We can condemn the world.  But then, we are the ones who are poorer for it.


I hope if you have the opportunity to see some part of the world, you will allow your heart to love the world a bit more.

And I resolve to love the people I see every day as much as those faraway neighbors.

If you have been following our efforts in Uganda, you know about our infant rescue centers.  If you have not already, please consider contributing to phase two of this extremely important ministry to Uganda’s abandoned children.