Circuses, Monkeys, and a Good Proverb for the New Year

January 6, 2014

Hi everyone – welcome back!  I hope your Christmas and New Year holidays were restful and meaningful.  We aren’t quite back in school yet, thanks to a “snow day” today.

I am sure that it would be the height of obviousness and understatement to say that much of the world is something of a circus.

Politics is a circus.  I think many of us would agree that we saw that on full display last year.

Pop culture is a circus.

Sadly, sometimes church is a circus.

And I know a big tendency for me (and I’d guess for many of you) is to participate in the circus, to get wrapped up in the latest controversy, to scream and cry and stamp our feet.

But I ask you: does it make us happier?

Does participating in the circus (in all of its forms) actually enrich us?  If not, why are we so addicted to it?

And secondly: are we paying attention to the right circus?  Because there are plenty of things that steal our attention, but what is it all diverting our attention away from?  I have come to believe that many of the controversies in our culture are part of the law of diminishing returns.  The louder they get and the more that we invest in them, the less we actually accomplish.  (I’ll clarify that on Wednesday with a specific example).

But for now, I have a New Year’s resolution.  It’s a simple proverb.  I’ll admit I saw it on Pinterest, posted by a blogging friend.  I’m sure she won’t mind.


The world has plenty of important problems, and we have a limited amount of life to invest in them.  Are we choosing wisely which controversies, which problems, which circuses we are going to invest ourselves into?

I am going to try harder this year to make wise investments.

3 responses to Circuses, Monkeys, and a Good Proverb for the New Year

  1. I was thinking something along the same lines, minus the circus analogy, of course. A dear friend’s advice helped me pause before commenting on everything that must be important (because I have an opinion about it). Is my comment or post necessary? Sometimes it will be, but less than I’d care to admit.

  2. HA! Love it. Thanks for the reminder.
    ThatGuyKC recently posted..You Cannot Do Anything. You Can Do Something.

  3. Good job! Does it seem to you that all news has dropped to the level of The National Enquirer?