Friday Fuel: Scandals, IMAX, Brothers and Haters

November 8, 2013

Hey everyone!

It’s the end of another week.  I’m already excited about the weekend, to be honest.  Tomorrow, I’m taking a few students out on a Saturday activity around the city.  (Every teacher at our school donates an item or activity to our fundraising auction.)  I’m taking a few students to see the best view, high above Kansas City in our Liberty Memorial.

I’ve got a great list of writers who really encouraged me this week.  Here are the highlights.

In My Inbox

First, I am so very thankful for so many messages I received in regards to my post on Wednesday.  They came in emails and social media.  I know what happened to me really isn’t that big of a deal (probably), but it always feels good when something happens to know that people care.  Thank you all so very much.

On that note, I saw my doctor yesterday, and I’m having a couple more tests which should clear everything up.

In My Blog Reader

My pal Zack Hunt is right.  There are really is only one thing Christians love to talk about as much as Jesus.  Even though he isn’t calling me out personally, I know I’ve used this defense so many times.  If someone rags on my work, I just dismiss them as a “hater.”  Sometimes, it’s legit, but so often I am just insulating myself from criticism.

Stephanie Spencer wonders what it would have been like to be Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother.  You know, the guy who doesn’t get a whole lot of air time in the scriptures.  How many of you have felt like an Andrew (or a Barnabas, for that matter)?

I love Tracee Persiko’s thoughts on our need for a big, 3D, high definition, IMAX God.

And Alece Ronzino reminds us of what it means to be a hero (and how it clashes with our culture’s perception of “hero.”)

Finally, Anne Marie Miller really impacted me.  I know I’m guilty of baiting and chasing the latest scandal, especially when it comes to church culture.  I am sure it will happen again.  When a scandal hits, it should be a time of reflection and learning, however painful.  But we cannot forget that the church will never have a scandal this big.

That’s what impacted and fueled me this week, and it was good.  What about you?


3 responses to Friday Fuel: Scandals, IMAX, Brothers and Haters

  1. Thanks for re-linking that post. It’s a battle I fight too.

  2. I just caught this. Thanks for the shout out! Glad it resonated with you. After writing the post, I also wondered about guys like Bartholomew… who ever talks about him?
    Stephanie Spencer recently posted..What was it like to be Simon Peter’s brother?

  3. You’re really quite an ignorant human being.