Creative Juice: We Have Not Been Given a Timid Spirit

November 18, 2013





There are lots of adjectives we can pull from the Bible.  Words we are supposed to emulate and live by.

I think some of these words have given us some kind of inferiority complex.  It’s funny how words like “shrewd” and “power” don’t get quite the air time as the more “negative” adjectives.  So we walk around, half hunched over, maybe feeling guilty because we just aren’t quite humble, meek or peaceful enough.

But you know, when it comes to creating things, creating good things in a world that needs it, timid just doesn’t work.  You can’t whisper and hope to get a word in edgewise.  If what you are offering the world is good, then it will also be disruptive.  It will be bold.  It might be shocking.  Not shocking for it’s own sake, but shocking because the world is used to lousy.

I’m a guy who’s more soft-spoken in public than I come off online.  And this is my challenge this week.  I may not need to be verbally loud.  I may not need to have a crazy personality.  But I want the things I make to be powerful.  I want them to be strong, not weak.

That is what God enables us to do.  Not to be fearful.  Not to be hesitant.  To make good things, and then call them good.


What good things are you going to make this week?

Be bold, my friends.

3 responses to Creative Juice: We Have Not Been Given a Timid Spirit

  1. Hey Matt,
    Great post. I too, in person, am a more quiet and reserved person—which people find surprising. For me I am usually very aware of what people may think of me or that I may be too pushy with faith, challenges, creativity… I think I need to get over it, but not loose the ability to be considerate for where others are coming from? I think the more times that we can do this in genuine relationship—the better! Thanks again for the post!

  2. Thank for the encouragement Matt! There are so many reasons I could give for not being bold, and it would be easy to list them, but having courage, being strong enough to try something new, or share my work is a recurring theme for me these days. Do you think God is trying to tell me something?

    Thanks again!

  3. Matt –

    GREAT stuff. Love this & how it intersects with another message that somehow says we need to be shy about this stuff that comes from our deepest places. Love the permission to be bold and put it out there. Thanks!