Creative Juice: Stop Trying to “Find Yourself”

November 4, 2013

Last weekend, my wife and I went searching…

We ditched town and ventured into unknown places across the Flint Hills of Kansas.  If you have never actually been in Kansas, I assure you it is unfairly represented.  It’s solitude and peacefulness can be stunning.  We woke up to catch the sun rise.  We drove through nature reserves on long gravel roads.  We stopped at lonely cemeteries and long forgotten schoolhouses.

Our little adventure reminded me of a search that so many people seem to be going on.  It is that search to find ourselves.  I suppose the quest to find ourselves means something different to everyone.

But something struck me as we sped along endless roads and stared at faraway horizons.  No matter how far I traveled or how hard I searched, I would never be able to “find” myself.”  Our selves are not some treasure, locked in some treasure chest.

If we are going to find the selves we are meant to be, we have to be even more active than the intrepid explorer…

We have to create ourselves.

Creating ourselves does not require a long journey away from home.  But it is a lifelong quest.  We do it every day, bit by bit.  Some of us do it quite on accident.  Others spend their whole lives looking when they ought to be making.  

Me?  I’m not nearly done.  I have a long way to go.  I’m still a half lumpy wad of clay that’s being formed.


Yep, that picture is my wife, just last weekend.

What are you doing?  Searching…or making?

2 responses to Creative Juice: Stop Trying to “Find Yourself”

  1. Awesome. Love this. I definitely prone to search via endless distraction rather than do the hard work of creating something.
    ThatGuyKC recently posted..10 Components of the Ultimate Leadership Anagram

  2. wow..really like that picture…
    Creating is the way to go…we can search and search to find us…but when we do, will there be anything that we like about us? If we never created?
    Arny Sanchez recently posted..We didn’t grow up with Google, iPhones, or Facebook…