Friday Fuel: Debbie Downers, Great Purpose and Pastor-Kings

October 25, 2013

Hey everyone.  Glad it’s Friday?

It is sometimes amazing how we can start the week in a completely different mental or emotional place than where we end up.  I have to admit, I started out pretty rough, with some weighty things bearing down on me.  But as the week went on, good conversations with friends and students lifted me up.

Besides that, as always, there were a few bits of generosity and creativity that impacted me this week.

In My Kindledownload

I admitted a few weeks ago that I had started a new reading habit of which I am not entirely proud: the celebrity memoir.  I have read Jim Gaffigan, Mindy Kaling, and now Rachel Dratch.  You might remember her from Saturday Night Live.  She was “Debbie Downer.”

Rachel’s story is hardly a “fairy tale.”  Basically, everything she’s done, she had to try at least twice in order to achieve.  And what I have gotten out of these celebrity memoirs, above all else, is that just because someone has been on TV, it does not mean their life has been easy.  Life is a struggle…for everyone (not just you and me).  Most of the people who you and I think are very glamorous are actually unemployed most of the time.  But despite a lot of difficulties, things work out in unexpected ways (hence the subtitle “midlife miracle.”) Her story ends rather open-ended too, because that’s how life is.

In My Blog Reader

Everyone wants to find a great purpose to their lives.  We want to know that we are making an impact on the world, and we never really feel like we are doing enough.  Steve Weins lets us in on the dirty little secret about finding our purpose in life.  What an encouraging and challenging thing to read this week.

It’s true – if you aspire to be a writer, you’d better get comfortable (or at least be able to tolerate) rejection.  And really, doesn’t that go for all of life?  Living with rejection is just a good life lesson.  The first publisher that rejected Life After Art told us it sounded too much like All I Really Needed to Know I Learned In Kindergarten.  If you are wanting to publish a book, read this to-do list from Katie Axelson on handling rejection as a writer.

Finally, I was so excited to meet longtime blog-friend Caris Adel a few weeks ago at STORY (and even more excited to learn that we have more in common than we thought.)  As a guy who really feels like a misfit in the modern church, I really appreciated what she had to say with Pastor Kings and Servant Leaders.

Oh, and if you don’t remember “Debbie Downer,” watch her first and best appearance (despite the pre-train-wreck-but-still-annoying Lindsey Lohan who was hosting that night).

Those were the highlights of my week.  What fueled you this week?

2 responses to Friday Fuel: Debbie Downers, Great Purpose and Pastor-Kings

  1. Yes, that was so much fun! One of those things where you’re like ‘dang I’m nervous’ and then 15 seconds in realize how dumb that was. That was awesome. I like a good celebrity memoir too….they’re just fun and fluffy to read. Mindy’s was hilarious. I’ll have to look up that one. Looks good. Tina Fey’s was great too.(maybe I just like SNL memoirs, ha!)

    Thanks for the link – glad you liked it. I keep trying to stop writing about church stuff and then I get all ranty and have to get it out somehow, lol.
    Caris Adel recently posted..Pastor-Kings and Servant Leaders

  2. Matt, I keep meaning to comment on your blog! I enjoy your posts and your reflections. Thanks for the link to Caris’ blog; I always enjoy coming across great content I haven’t seen before.

    I had to laugh at your comment about the publisher saying your book was too much like “All I Really Needed to Know…” — since that book was written a long time ago! I hardly think they would be competing with each other, LOL. Glad you have had success with the book!
    Kent Sanders recently posted..Episode #025: How to Cultivate Your Creativity (with Court McCracken) [Podcast]