Creative Juice: Be What You Pretend to Be

October 21, 2013

Most of us do not claim to be actors.

Very few of us have ever taken the stage or been in front of a camera.  We have never been taught the finer points of how to bring a fictional character to life for an audience.

And yet, many of us have been acting in an uncredited role for much of our lives.  I know I have done it.  I have spent much of my adult life pretending.  I have made up a fictional version of myself, a version of myself that I want people to believe is real.

The problem is that I have often spent so much time and energy pretending to be something, when I could just actually be the person I’m pretending to be.  

If the make-believe version of yourself is so great, if that’s what you want people to believe you are, then why not make a change?  Why not be the person you pretend to be?  Don’t give people the fake version of you.  Just believe that you can be the great person you want to be.  Be an artist, a writer, a singer, a superhero.

It’s the most important role of your lifetime.


What do you wish you were?  What are you pretending to be today?  What if you decided to stop pretending and just started to be?


4 responses to Creative Juice: Be What You Pretend to Be

  1. Really like this idea. It’s a subtle but important switch from pretending to being. I feel like I pretend in a lot of areas of my life, but I want to starting being.

  2. Wow. I didn’t even know I WAS pretending, but as soon as I read your words it’s like the weariness dropped off my shoulders and I was thinking YES. You nailed it.

    Someone once asked me in a little icebreaker game, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” And as boring as it seems, my immediate reply was, “Exactly what I’m doing now. Only I’d be doing it all right.” This post today reminds me that I need to DO it, not just pretend.
    Kelly Stanley recently posted..It truly is grace

  3. Just watched a TED Talk on this! Don’t fake it til you make it, fake it til you BECOME it. Check out the whole talk here!
    Luke recently posted..The Cross