Friday Fuel: Why You Need ‘Packing Light’ On Your Bookshelf

September 6, 2013

What does it mean to “pack light?”


My wife and I think we’re pretty good at packing light.  We’ve traveled quite a bit, and whenever we fly, we make sure we don’t have to check any bags.  My wife takes an equal amount of luggage as I do, amazingly enough.  We aren’t loaded down with a ton of stuff while trying to travel.

I thought I knew how to pack light.

Then I met Ally Vesterfelt.

And I realized I don’t know a thing about packing light.  The thing about Ally and Darrell Vesterfelt is that they have cultivated a lifestyle of packing light.  Everything about their lives contrasts with the way my wife and I live.  They have been nomadic, while we have been rooted.  They own a few things, while we own a house full of things.  They have sold nearly all their possessions…more than once.  We…had a garage sale…that one time.

This week, my friend Ally, a fellow Moody author, released Packing Light.  I could not be more happy about that. Packing Light is a memoir that invites us in to imagine what it would be like to live with less.

But the issue of stuff just scratches the surface.  We can clean out our houses and sell our stuff, and still have a lot of baggage.  We have baggage in our minds, our relationships, our families, our workplaces, our prayers.  It’s everywhere.  This is a book about you, the reader, shedding that baggage in all it’s forms.  It’s about cleaning out our emotional closets, our spiritual basements.

The thing about all our baggage is that it so easily prevents us from living how we were created to live. This is a book about giving up a lifestyle of collecting, accumulating, hoarding all of our baggage, and beginning a lifestyle of actually living.  It’s true, less really is more. I know, it’s ironic to tell you to buy a book and put it on your bookshelf that starts with the premise of getting rid of stuff.  I promise, this is a worthy investment.  It definitely fueled me this week.

Check out Ally’s book now at Amazon…and then start living lighter.

One response to Friday Fuel: Why You Need ‘Packing Light’ On Your Bookshelf

  1. Greg, thanks for the reco. Sounds perfect for where I am at in my life right now…after my time in June when “The Danube Cancelled Me”. Super time in my life. Perfect for this book. thanks.