Friday Fuel: Staying Awake, Real Men, Bloggers Meetups and STORY

September 13, 2013

Hey hey, everyone.

It’s the end of the week, and somehow, I feel like I have more work to do than when the week started.  I’ve been hustling all week to prepare for taking most of next week in Chicago for the STORY conference.  I am super pumped to be there, but it means I’m basically working two weeks in advance at school.

Nevertheless, there were two great books that fueled me this week.



Awake, by Noel Yeats is not exactly a new book.  It came out a year ago, but I’ve been so pleased to see it get “relaunched” this week.

Why do I care about Awake?

First, Noel is the Vice President World Help, a fantastic organization that operates globally in areas such as orphan rescue, child sponsorship, clean water, and many other good things.  Not to mention, I am so excited to be traveling with World Help in January to Rwanda and Uganda!  It is an opportunity I have craved for a long time as a blogger.  I’ll be giving more updates on that front as the date draws near.

But back to Awake.  Noel has an incredible heart for helping the world and it really shines through in her writing.  It’s one thing to throw a bunch of facts and numbers at us and show us the magnitude of the world’s problems.  It’s another to tell the stories of the world.  That’s

what Awake does.  It puts names to numbers, so rather than just wanting to throw up your hands in utter despair, you actually feel empowered to do something.  It has made me all the more excited to partner with Noel.

Real41gVHMddO4L._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_ Men

Lots of people have an opinion on what makes a “real man.”  But I was so glad to get a copy of Real Men Don’t Text in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  It’s just hitting stores, and it’s a great book, especially for young ladies.  It amazes me how different and strange the world of dating has become since I got married.  It truly is a brave new world, and there are many new rules to know, or young people are going to just be selling themselves short.  Highly recommended for the young women (and men) in your life.

Bloggers Meetup

Finally, as I said I’m going to be at STORY for most of next week, but one of the highlights for me is definitely going to be the Bloggers Meetup.  Darrell Vesterfelt and I have been putting on the Meetup at Catalyst Atlanta for the last few years, and now we’re bringing it to Chicago.  It’s going to be a blast.  If you’re going to be in the area, drop by so I can give you a hug.

That’s what is fueling me this week.  How about you?