Friday Fuel: A Million Ways, Saying Good-Bye, and Redeeming Pain

September 27, 2013

It’s the end…of the week.  And it’s the end of the month.  And, well, summer just came to an end, didn’t it?

Yes, it’s time for another installment of Friday Fuel.  It was good to be back to my normal, busy routine.  Throughout the week, plenty of things popped up, surprised and fueled my mind.

Here are the highlights.

On My Bookshelfdownload

Emily Freeman sent me what is now officially the nicest package I’ve ever received from an author.  If I ever publish another book, I’m going to have to include a ton of stuff to beat her thoughtfulness.

But more importantly, her new book A Million Little Ways drops into stores on October 1, and I’m so excited to dive into this little gem.  I highly recommend you check this out if you are interested in living more artfully.

photoIn My Sketchbook

I can’t believe that this Sunday, one of my favorite shows will end.  A couple of weeks ago, I held a quiet Breaking Bad vigil and paid tribute with these watercolor sketches of Walt, Hank and Jesse.

In My Blog Reader

The highlights from my blog reader this week all followed a rather serendipitous theme.  Doubt, hurt and depression ruled the week, but not to be a big downer.  It was a very redemptive selection.

Zack Hunt at The American Jesus shared a two part serious on dealing with doubt.  A well worn topic that he, as usual, brings fresh eyes to.

It’s one thing to blog about how much church has hurt you.  Elizabeth Esther shared her thoughts on how to actually heal after being hurt by a church.  Very needed and appreciated, Elizabeth.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Renee Fisher and the work and writing she does.  And I really appreciated this guest post she featured: Clinical Depression, From Curse to Blessing.  

Finally, when it comes to just all-out, full-body pain, Christen Price discussed giving that pain up: When It’s Time to Give Our Pain to Jesus.

Of course, I know that when you are in the midst of pain, illness, doubt or hurt that healing doesn’t come easy.  But maybe you can start on the path this week.

2 responses to Friday Fuel: A Million Ways, Saying Good-Bye, and Redeeming Pain

  1. 1) Your watercolors are sweet! Do you have a particular ink/paint that you use? Are you planning to put up more sketchbook drawings?

    2) Zak Hunt’s two pieces were awesome and so helpful for me. I didn’t go to an especially restrictive church growing up, but I still wound up feeling like doubt was either this dirty little secret that you can’t even let God Himself see, or it’s supposed to be a temporary condition that passes in a little while if you’ve prayed about it properly. It felt like everyone else around me–both at church and in my family–were just so certain about everything, so much do that I constantly felt that I was doing something wrong, and unfortunately did a lot of faking it to at least LOOK as certain as everybody else.

    For my son’s sake, because he is a bright kid and starting to ask a lot of questions, my goal is now to be honest about my doubts. I can’t fake it any longer–the kiddo would see through it pretty easily and I hate to think what may happen then.

  2. Those sketches are awesome. I just started the third season of BB and now I’m on vacation with no Netflix, but back home tomorrow night! I need to catch up. I didn’t even realize the show was ending. Now I have to try to avoid hearing what happens on Twitter and everywhere else. Yeah, right. :-)
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