Friday Fuel: Superheroes, Scouts, and Struggling As a Blog Writer

August 30, 2013

Happy Friday, my friends.

I’m sure it’s been a big week for all of us.  My life has certainly been eventful, not to mention all the great stuff I’ve been able to read, watch, absorb and learn from.

Here’s what fueled me this week.

The End of An Era

I know this is a contradiction, as it didn’t fuel me in a way that was motivating.  My heart is actually kind of heavy this week.  I spent my teenage years, and even a few years after that involved in an outstanding Boy Scout troop.  It had a storied history that was several decades long and graduated dozens of Eagle Scouts (I was number one-hundred-and-something.)  It was an excellent organization.  This week I learned that their chartering church decided to inexplicably pull the plug, effectively ending the scouting organization where I spent my youth.  I told you in no uncertain terms that short-sighted churches would do this as a repercussion for Boy Scouts’ recent decision regarding gay youth, and I can’t help but wonder if this incident is part of that story.

confessionsofasuperheroIn My Netflix Queue

Back onto positive things, I love these obscure little independent documentaries about quirky people.  The highlight of my week was Confessions of a Superhero, released a few years ago, showcasing a few people who chase big dreams while dressed as a superhero on Hollywood Boulevard.  Superman is the star, a lanky, awkward lover of all things Metropolis.  The Incredible Hulk was homeless for a good deal of his early adulthood.  Batman has a temper.  It’s incredible.  And if you like this, go ahead and watch the fictional The Giant Mechanical Man.

In My Blog Reader

Everyone knows that if we just avert our eyes, every stupid thing that poisons the internet will just go away.  But we are never able to do it.  Our eyes lock on, like it’s roadkill, and we just can’t look away.  Of all the millions of tweets, jokes and blogs written about poor, misguided Miley, Hannah Brecher said it best in She Isn’t a Hurricane.

I don’t usually go for “parenting” blog posts since I am myself not a parent.  But I particularly enjoyed The Joy of Raising a Man from America’s Next Top Mommy.

From what I can tell, Tyler Braun is a quiet, humble man of great faith, and I love the series he’s doing on discipleship.  This week’s post, Discipleship in the Life Advice Age was a great addition (even if it was a guest post.)

And damn it, I just have always loved Modern Reject.  Nicole has the balls to say what most of us don’t, and that even goes for re-evaluating the place her blog holds in her life with The Future of Modern Reject.  It’s not a great post in the sense that it’s mostly an “announcement.”  But Nicole’s reflection on her blog writing is something I think most of us as writers struggle to embrace.  My summer was a very similar mental journey, and I just resonated with every word she wrote.  Yes, these are just blogs we are writing.  No, we aren’t going to get famous.  Life goes on, and it’s still good.

That’s what fueled me this week.  What fueled you?

Oh, and happy Labor Day.  See you on Wednesday.

4 responses to Friday Fuel: Superheroes, Scouts, and Struggling As a Blog Writer

  1. I was also glad to see Nicole “come back.” That girl brings it. Every time. The blogging world needs her.
    Lucie recently posted..No Longer Listening to Prozac

  2. You know what gets me about #1?

    I was a Girl Scout all the way through high school. And, if I recall correctly, the Girl Scouts have accepted both gay leaders and gay scouts, according to the “higher-ups” for years. Yet, my mom (who’s pretty conservative) had no problem with me joining or being a troop leader herself. Our troop even met at the community church. Amazingly enough, no one tried to recruit me into lesbianism throughout my entire tenure, nor did the hellfire rain down on central Michigan. Actually, GSUSA’s position on homosexuality hasn’t even made the national news, at least to my recollection.

    So why is it such a big fat hairy deal when the same thing happens with the Boy Scouts? Is it because Girl Scouts are only known for cookies anyway, so no one cares? Is it because gay men are perceived as being more dangerous (and more likely to be pedophiles) than gay women?

  3. I was so glad to see Modern Reject back. I love that the goal of blogging is authenticity and not popularity. :)
    happygirl recently posted..No laughing aloud allowed

    • Actually, I believe it just another form of prejudice,kids have the same
      Hopes,fears aspirations as any other child who is to
      Go to camp ,share,play,learn as any child would..
      One thing important in my opinion these children
      NEED Have someone(s) In their corner
      They Should be certified , BE ABLE kids can trust
      without Fear, being hurt, abuse or made fun of regardless
      They are gay or what ever preferance, let them be a kid!