Friday Fuel: My Prediction for Breaking Bad, and Being Fat, Lame and Reformed

August 16, 2013

Wow.  It’s been a week.

It was back to school here, which means we teachers spent half the week with in-service and then the rest of the week welcoming kiddos back.  I was reminded why my work is one of my favorite…and most exhausting places to be.

But, it’s also been a week full of inspiration!  Here’s what fueled me this week.

booksIn My Kindle

Jim Gaffigan is my favorite comedian, hands down.  His recent book, Dad is Fat is a riot.  If you saw his last stand-up routine, it’s basically a very expanded version of that, a “memoir” of his life raising five kids in a two-bedroom New York apartment (though that number may have increased since the book was published.)

In My Mailbox

I was so excited to unwrap my advanced copy of Addie Zierman’s book, When We Were On Fire this week.  I’m sure you’ll hear all about this book in the coming months.

Breaking-Bad-1On My Television

I just want to say this: my wife and I were Breaking Bad acolytes and evangelists before ya’ll.  Back in season one, we were the ones telling everyone about this awesome show about a guy with terminal cancer who cooks meth.  No one believed us.  We are gonna be glued to the TV for the next seven Sunday nights.  The end of the season prediction I have adopted is that the entire series is a prequel.  Walter goes into witness protection where he gets a new family, takes the name Hal, and that’s where Malcolm in the Middle starts.

In My Blog Reader

Dang it, I like what Micha Boyett has to say.  And being content is one of my eternal struggles.  Like for real, this summer hit me hard.  I really appreciated The Pursuit of Enough.

On the first day of school, as parents left their wee-ones, I could almost see the glimmer in all the parents’ eyes as they secretly celebrated the end of summer vacation.  Does anyone else remember that old Office Depot commercial with It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year playing while a jubilant father and his depressed children shop for back to school supplies?  Classic.  Elizabeth Esther, I feel your pain.  I’m sorry that your wish will never come true, as summer vacation is just too much a part of American culture.  But I’ve seen lots of parents who feel the same way, and I’m glad that we teachers can be a beacon of hope for you.

It’s true.  I’ve never thought I was a very interesting person.  I’ve never thought I had much to say.  But Sammy Adebiyi just nailed it.  Your life is not lame.

And I really appreciated this, as a guy struggling with a lot of Reformed theology lately.  I have a love / hate relationship with Reformed thinking.  But Micah Murrah is articulate, and a dang nice guy who I got to meet a few weeks ago at Echo.  And I didn’t just put him on the list so I’d have two people with the same name.  I really enjoyed Five Reasons I Am Reformed.

That’s it from me.  What’s your prediction for Breaking Bad?  What fueled you this week?

9 responses to Friday Fuel: My Prediction for Breaking Bad, and Being Fat, Lame and Reformed

  1. HaL !! HAHA!! That is brilliant!

  2. I (heart) shows about meth dealers who peddle their product so they can make money to leave for their family! I can definitely see a Kingdom approach to life here. I’m waiting for someone to make a show about sex-slavery or child porn, next! I mean, as long as I can find some parallel to Jesus in them, of course. And you know, it does no good to be “so Heavenly-minded you are no earthly good”, like those Bible-thumpers *gigglesnort*, and I know Jesus doesn’t have a problem with my seeking out such entertainment. I mean, He wants me to be happy, right? And isn’t it about me being happy?
    Donald Borsch Jr recently posted..Post #10: Jesus and Politics part 2

    • Gee whiz, Don, I’d love to visit your house. It sounds like a total riot.

      • Nah, you wouldn’t like it, Abby.
        Donald Borsch Jr recently posted..Post #10: Jesus and Politics part 2

        • Let’s see, you not only opine about a show that you’ve obviously never even seen (I’m not a regular watcher but I’ve seen enough to know that it doesn’t exactly make selling meth out to be a super-cool activity that everyone should do), but you managed to voice your disapproval in the most arrogant and insulting manner you could.

          No, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like your house. I don’t think you’d like mine much either.

          • Abby, please understand that your disapproval of me or anything I say is hardly disturbing or unexpected. However, Free Speech and all, keep on feeling as though you can speak without accountability. :)
            Donald Borsch Jr recently posted..Post #10: Jesus and Politics part 2

          • What are you even saying? Is this some kind of backhanded threat (with a smiley face after it, no less?)

            You wrote a snarky, passive-aggressive comment to begin with. You got called on it, but instead of showing a tiny bit of self-reflection, you responded by just getting huffy.

            Whatever. I’m not sure what your major malfunction is, but this is a waste of my time. I enjoy reading Matt’s blog so I don’t want to leave completely; I guess I’m just going to have to ignore everything with your name at the top.

  3. I LOVE JIM GAFFIGAN! He’s got two of his specials on Netflix, the “Mr. Universe” has a lot of the same jokes as his book. I found it nice to see and hear him deliver the jokes. I also love that his wife co-writes much of his stuff. I wrote a sermon two weeks back using his concept of “McDonalds of the Soul” and Louis C.K. I think these two authors are doing the best work right now in the doctrine of sin realm.
    Luke recently posted..Summer at the Sea

  4. Matt, I was an early (and lonely) BB acolyte too. Your prediction is my favorite. Also, my BB book is out now: Maybe it can make it into your “In My Kindle” section for next week.
    Blake Atwood recently posted..10 Moments You Might Have Missed in Breaking Bad’s ‘Buried’