Creative Juice: If Only We Didn’t Know That We Can’t

August 12, 2013

This week is a big one for me and lots of teachers and kids.  Another first day of school.

One thing that constantly amazes me about children is how confident they are when they are young.  They all believe that they are great artists, athletes, musicians.  They just believe they are gifted.

It doesn’t take long for that naivete to wear off and by the time they are teenagers, kids are well aware of their limitations.

I’ve come to believe that the most creative adults among us have somehow hung onto that childlike lack of self-awareness.  Like, somehow they never learned that they can’t.

For the rest of us, it’s usually not our limitations that are holding us back.  It’s just us holding ourselves back.

It's Amazing What You Can Do -

Stop saying you “can’t” and just give yourself a chance.

4 responses to Creative Juice: If Only We Didn’t Know That We Can’t

  1. Fascinating quote on that great picture. Did you take it? (don’t see credits)

    You said, “most creative adults among us have somehow hung onto that childlike lack of self-awareness.”

    Maybe the trick, instead, is that kids have NOT developed self-awareness. The world is all about them ?Super-self-awareness, and only later do they really consider others, start comparing themselves to others ….

    I have had people continually observe about me that I don’t care what others think about me — which is only partially true. But I am sure that is why I am good at many things — for instance, languages: I love embracing the child mind where I know nothing and fumble with mistakes – love it!

    Suggestions: Consider a “Resources” page on this blog for ways to get your kids [and maybe a few foolish adults] active in art. I have an 11 year old who loves drawing and dislikes all else in school. Not sure if you know David Hayward’s stuff, he actually did something for my daughter in these two posts.

    You’d be the perfect person for such a resource page. But wait until school is well underway and the kids into their first projects ! 😉
    Sabio Lantz recently posted..Christians doubting Jesus: Part 1

  2. Oh I know I can improve quite a bit. It takes work to get better. When people say, “I can’t draw a straight line” I reply, “I can’t either. I use a ruler”. Or when I hear one of my pet peeves, “there are no mistakes in art”, I answer “I make mistakes all the time. That is why we have erasers!”

    As a teacher, how often do you have to keep reminding some children that despite their mistakes, they can do it? I had some students as early as the 4th grade want to give up.

  3. Just a final note. I wanted to know I am honoring your lack of replies and understood signals to “Please stay away.” I shall do that.
    Sabio Lantz recently posted..Women Gospel Writers