Friday Fuel: What I Read, Learned and Loved This Week

July 12, 2013

What’s up everyone?

I realized recently that in the strain of publishing Life After Art, I had put my brain on a starvation diet.  For a couple of months, I was hardly reading anything, hardly feeding my mind at all.  I was running on fumes.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t healthy.  I’ll tell you more about all that sometime soon.

Now that I’ve rested and returned from vacation (and am getting back into the swing of my regular posting schedule), I’m gonna dedicate Fridays for the foreseeable future to celebrating not running on fumes, but instead being fueled by the good things I’m reading, what I’m learning, and people who are doing good things.  Basically, Fridays are for cheering on other people.

Here’s what fueled me this week.

In My Kindle

81TB3TdEK5L._SL1360_Max Andrew Dubinsky’s book An Anthology of Madness is like flint and steel.  Max doesn’t mess around with soft, cuddly words.  He strikes them together until he gets a spark.

This is a short book, dedicated to Max’s struggles with reconciling himself to the world and to his faith.  I got the sense that very little editing was done to the manuscript (including keeping the scattered curse words), to keep the emotions behind the text in tact.  Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, but that’s part of the charm.  You feel like you are holding a man’s well-worn, dog-eared journal.

In My Blog Reader

The Art of Manliness: Measure Twice, Cut Once, Applying the Ethos of a Craftsman to Our Everyday Lives.  The Art of Manliness is consistently one of the most enjoyable sites in my reader, but this post, equally applicable to men and women in any profession is an outstanding mission of excellence.

Carlos Whittaker: The Curse of the Selfie.  Everyone is looking for significance.  A question popped into my mind while reading: whose face do you see the most when you log onto Facebook?  Your own.  At the end of everyone’s post in your timeline is your own face, staring at you, waiting for you to comment or click like.

Most Anticipated Blog Series

Addie Zierman: One Small Change.  I love Addie’s blog.  No two ways around it.  And I want to change the world as well, but like you, the thought is overwhelming.  Addie’s new series has a lot of promise to find the beauty and redemption not just in the big, loud, colorful ideas, but the small, quiet ones.

Instagram Feed I Liked Most

I don’t follow celebrity instagrammers.  I like regular folks, preferably with under a couple thousand followers.  Josh Premako’s Instagram feed  (Premakemyday) is full of bridges, water, and fog, which is appropriate for San Francisco.

If I Ever Get to Be a Dad…

No other dad made falling asleep in front of the TV every night as awesome as this one.

That’s what fueled me this week!  What about you?

4 responses to Friday Fuel: What I Read, Learned and Loved This Week

  1. Matt – Really appreciate this new blog series you will be doing. I work for a think tank so I read a lot of things on a lot of topics. I greatly appreciate this curating work to show your readers some things that are impactful to you.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out. I’d love to see what you’d contribute, Matt! Feel free to send something!
    Addie Zierman recently posted..Announcing a New Blog Series: One Small Change

  3. Matt, this was a great post. Great idea about taking Fridays to refuel. I love Art of Manliness – it’s one of my favorite blogs!

    Thanks for the link to the Dad video – wow, it’s incredibly touching.
    Kent Sanders recently posted..#017: Serving Seattle Through Music with Zach Bolen [Podcast]