Creative Juice: Give Us Eyes to See the Beauty Around Us

July 22, 2013

It’s easy to focus on the dark, the grim, the ugly parts of the world.

I’m sure at some point in time this week, our attention will be diverted to some kind of ugliness, giving us the opportunity to be cynical, to argue, or just consider giving up.  We will want to accuse, to point fingers and dish out the blame for the ugliness we have created.

But that’s not how I’m starting my week.

Because beauty is everywhere.  It’s a real, tangible force in nature that cannot be overcome by ugliness.  And the beauty-makers of the world are not obsessing over ugliness.

If only we have eyes to see the beauty around us this week.  My God, if she had eyes to see it, then we are truly desperate if we do not…

Anne Frank #LifeAfterArt

Go find some beauty today and be glad.

6 responses to Creative Juice: Give Us Eyes to See the Beauty Around Us

  1. Nice article. I’m guilty of taking things for granted. Sometimes I wish I could take a trip to other countries to really see the big picture and how blessed so many of us really are.

  2. It’s so easy to look on the bad stuff. I know I do that way too often. Thanks this was a good monday pick me up.
    Michael Hadley recently posted..Jealousy or Endurance

  3. A great reminder…timely to say the least…hard to see the beauty sometimes. Thanks Matt
    Jesse Hoover recently posted..I’ve Dropped the Moon He Thinks I Hold

  4. Well said! What’s more, have you ever noticed that you seem to notice more of what you think about? If you think negatively, your friends’ little negative personality traits will seem unnerving. Traffic will be excruciating. Etc. But if you think positively, and take a moment to reflect on the beauty around you, you will undoubtedly start to notice more beautiful things!

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