Creative Juice: Beauty is Everywhere

July 29, 2013

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

My answer to that question has become one of the most commented-on parts of Life After Art.  So many people who read the book want to talk about how I dismantle that oft-repeated phrase.

I believe beauty is everywhere.  It’s not up to us to decide that beauty is here or it is there.  Beauty just is, and we are lucky if we have eyes to see.

So, what is keeping you from seeing the beauty around you?

Some of us are focused on some big problems today. Or our hearts or spirits are broken.

But others among us have just closed our eyes.  It’s easy for us to delight in being negative.  It’s seems more important to complain, to find fault, to criticize.  I’ve spent years like that.  And I caution you: your eyes will become calloused until you can only see what you are looking for.

Get your vision checked.  Beauty is everywhere.

Beauty is Everywhere - Life After Art

3 responses to Creative Juice: Beauty is Everywhere

  1. Love the message Matt. It’s something I’ve focused on and tried to live out in life. Whether it’s nature or a person or some task I must do, there is beauty in it. Digging it out and discovering it should be our joy.
    Joseph Lalonde recently posted..10 Leadership Lessons Learned From My Blog Commenters

  2. Amen.

  3. Hmmm, I haven’t read your book, but I can see two ways to understand you.
    Both would entail “Beauty is not subjective” (which would trigger all sorts of philosophical objections. But here are the two ways to view that:

    (1) Beauty is not subjective. Even if you think something is beautiful, you may be wrong and your mind doesn’t understand real beauty.

    (2) Beauty is not subjective. Even if you think something is NOT beautiful, you may find that with more education, more exposure, less fear, or wider eyes, you will find beauty in things you once did not understand.

    I am guessing you believe #2. Right?

    I would agree with #2 but I would change the first sentence to “Beauty IS subjective.” and we’d still be saying the same thing. Funny how tricky words can be.

    Hope that was clear.
    Sabio Lantz recently posted..Most Christians Don’t Believe