No Longer Afraid to Be a Work in Progress

April 19, 2013

Are you a work in progress?

I’ve been guest writing on quite a few blogs and sites these days.  But one of my favorite little stories was posted on, of all places, SheLoves Magazine.  I know, I’m not really the first person you’d think of being there.  (For one thing, I’m not a she.)  

If you didn’t catch the story, here’s a little teaser.  It’s about old photos, embarrassment, and becoming a “real grown up.”  Oh, and SheLoves is giving away a couple of copies of Life After Art, so if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, here’s your chance to save some cash!

Box of Pics at MomsTo be honest, I just do not enjoy looking at old photos of myself.

My parents cleaned out their basement after my brother and I moved out. A lot of old items were pulled out of boxes, keepsakes and old dusty papers that had not seen light in many years.  It was a family event, sitting on the basement floor and dividing up the precious relics of our now grown-up family.

There were boxes and boxes of photos. Old polaroids and snapshots, many looking eerily like Instagrams with their washed out colors and hazy atmosphere. They had the feel and smell and texture of “real” photos, captured on real film, preserving a real moment now lost in time.  Many were carefully labeled and organized in albums. Hundreds more were left in their envelopes, stacked in boxes, much like the massive piles of photos sitting unorganized on our hard drives.

And so many of them recorded the evidence of this lanky, awkward, shy boy with goofy glasses who doesn’t know who he is in the world, doesn’t quite have the confidence to find out, and certainly doesn’t know how to dress himself or comb his hair correctly.

He is a work in progress.

Finish the story and enter to win a copy of Life After Art at SheLoves Magazine.


3 responses to No Longer Afraid to Be a Work in Progress

  1. Matt, why didn’t you show us some of those pictures?! :-)

    I can tell you that as you get older and leaves increasingly fall from the family tree, those photos are going to take on more value. But it is sure interesting to look at those “people in progress” and how they changed over the decades…and sometimes you even wish you could go back in time and tell them certain things. Or at least I have! :-) Not that it would make any difference.

  2. Great items totally, you merely received a brand brand new audience. Precisely what might you advocate when it comes to a person’s organize that you just created a day or two before? Almost any confident?

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