Extended Adolescence: My Post at Relevant Magazine

April 26, 2013

Extended_AdolescenceYesterday, for the first time ever, I’m proud to say I published an article at Relevant Magazine.  I hope you’ll take a look at it over there after the little preview!

There’s no shortage of statistics and sociologists bemoaning the trend of Millennials dragging their feet into adulthood. The condescending label of “extended adolescence” has been slapped on to many a Millennial who is prolonging their years in school, living in their parents’ basement, putting off marriage and shrugging off financial independence and responsibility.

The world says, “Grow up already!” But staying a kid at heart is the path to spiritual fulfillment.

Probably like most of you, I spent much of my childhood wishing I could just skip ahead to whatever was next, because whatever was next always seemed better. And here I am today, still wishing I could fast-forward to the next event, the next accomplishment, the next whatever.

But when we start hitting our twenties and beyond, many young adults fear that they have somehow “failed to launch.” Maybe it’s being stuck in a lousy job or still being financially dependent on their parents or still being single. Maybe we’re doing OK, but we just believed that we should be uber-successful by age 23. Essentially, many people wish they could just grow up already. You know, fast-forward to the good stuff.

Continue to find five childlike qualities we ought to keep, even as adults at Relevant Magazine.

One response to Extended Adolescence: My Post at Relevant Magazine

  1. My favorite line:
    “Small as they are, those five-year-old lives are no less important, no less purposeful than yours or mine. As adults, we sometimes need to re-learn that we have inherent purpose because of who we are, not just how much we accomplish.”
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