Buy Life After Art Today, Get Four Resources for the Price of One

April 1, 2013

Life After Art Sharable4Hey friends, today’s a big day for me.  After over four years on this blog, and probably 450,000 words, I am finally releasing my first book Life After Art.  The endorsements and early reviews have come in, and people are having a great time with the book.

What You’ll Get Out of Life After Art

Life After Art isn’t about becoming a better artist or a more creative person.  It’s about becoming human, a human being that bears the image of our Creator.  Along the way, you’ll rediscover a bunch of stuff that you forgot from your childhood, get some fun stories from me, and even learn why beauty isn’t actually in the eyes of the beholder, contrary to popular belief.

Four For the Price of One

Today, Amazon is offering Life After Art for about ten bucks.  Plus, when you purchase the paperback copy online, email your receipt to to get three free resources:

The deluxe edition ebook (with bonus chapter).

The Life After Art Field Guide, designed to help you get the most out of the book.

The Art of Storytelling

life-after-artBuy Life After Art This Week

Ten bucks for all four of those is a heck of a deal, and this book has been a labor of love for me for many months now.  I’m so excited to share this with you guys, but I’m not getting rich off this or anything.  If I wanted to get rich, I wouldn’t have pursued writing, of all things.

But I am asking you to pick up a copy of the book this week to help it gain the momentum it needs so other people can get its message.

Go to the Life After Art site to watch the video preview (if you missed it), and grab the book from your online retailer of choice.  I hope you’ll tell me what you think too!

3 responses to Buy Life After Art Today, Get Four Resources for the Price of One

  1. Hi,
    As a watercolourist and author I thought your trailer for your book was awesome. I am looking into ordering this – it excites me.

  2. bought the Kindle Edition… so I can have it forever and wherever I go!

  3. Matt, I finally bought this today. Can I still get the extras or was that only good on the 1st? Just checking. :-)