Who Should Read ‘Life After Art?’ (Everyone Who Likes Free Stuff)

March 25, 2013

Just who am I hoping will read Life After Art?

Is it just for artsy-fartsy, creative, eccentric, Type B, right brained people?

Actually, no.

In fact Life After Art is not about being a better artist.  It’s not about being “creative” in the way you’ve learned to define the word.

It’s about being a better human being.  It’s about being the human being God created you to be.  Whether that means you’re a calculator-toting, left-brained, type A personality or the exact opposite, I wrote Life After Art with you in mind.
First GradeOne of my favorite things in the book is this drawing.  It was done by my brother, Aaron when he was in first grade.  Yes, it’s humorously bad, and no, he hasn’t gotten much better at art since this drawing was made twenty years ago.  We searched together through his scrapboxes to find one of the lousiest drawings he ever did on purpose.

It will all make sense once you get your hands on the book.  Life After Art is for guys like my brother who haven’t picked up a paintbrush or drawing pencil since they left elementary school art class.  It’s for people who don’t consider themselves creative or “artistic.”  (Don’t worry, it’s also good for people who are creative and artistic.)

In my art room, no student gets left out.  No one gets laughed at or criticized for being “uncreative.”  And the same is true with this book. I wrote this book for high school graduates, for twenty-somethings who can’t seem to get their lives together, for thirty-somethings who still can’t get their lives together, for artists, for truck-drivers, for preachers and teachers, moms and dads who are watching their children grow up too fast and people who are afraid they missed God’s purpose for their lives.

It’s also for people who like free stuff!  When you order Life After Art (or pre-order), starting April 1, you can email your receipt to LifeAfterArtBook@gmail.com to get the deluxe edition ebook (with bonus content), the Life After Art Field Guide, and The Art of Storytelling from Moody Publishers.  Neat-o!

I hope you’ll hop on over Life After Art now and place your pre-order.

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  1. This is great! Now I want to go read your book…but I have to order it first!