Why Is Your House Built on Sand?

January 4, 2013

Hey everyone.  With the new year, I’ve changed things up with my writing at Prodigal Magazine, as that publication continues to evolve.  I’ve set aside my Art Room Parables column, as I believe it has served its purpose, but I’ll still be contributing a couple times a month about general interest topics that relate to the current theme of the magazine.  Fittingly, for the next couple of weeks, the theme is “resolve.”  I hope you’ll check out the preview here and then join me at Prodigal for conversation.

The year I got married, I attended over a dozen friends’ weddings.house

It was a happy stage of life (aside from all the gifts we had to buy).  Everyone had their lives ahead of them.  I even performed a couple of the wedding ceremonies.

What came as much more of a shock was the stage that came after the weddings, when friends started divorcing a few years later.  Suddenly, happy times were crashing under the weight of unexpected crises.  Promises were being unmade, vows were being taken back.  The crisis in one marriage seemed to have a ripple effect on all of us nearby.  It was a shock and a disappointment and meant the end of some long friendships.

As I sit, in the twilight of my 20s, marriages are not the only things I have seen broken apart by one crisis or another.

And it makes me wonder: why are we so stubborn?  Why do we wait for a crisis, before we prepare or try to fix what we know is broken?

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One response to Why Is Your House Built on Sand?

  1. well worth popping over to Prodigal for the whole article. As you hit your “twilight of the twenties” I’m in my mid 50’s. As you survive crisis after crisis, the rock under our feet becomes more and more stable and more and more sand gets washed away. The issue is not to be swept away with the sand.