One Word for the Whole Year #OneWord365

January 2, 2013


Hello, and welcome back, my friends!  I am so glad to be back to the blog, starting a new year with you.  I hope your holidays were fantastic, and I just want to start a new year of blogging by saying how thankful I am for each of you.  It’s going to be a great year!

Now, let’s get on with things!

A lot of words are spoken in an entire year.

If God has numbered the hairs on our heads, perhaps He knows how many words we speak.  I sure don’t.

The thing about words is that many of them are not that important.  Many of them are sort of carelessly spoken.  Some, you wish could be taken back.  Some remain unspoken, despite our deep desire to let them out.  Others are not heard, or misunderstood, or come out at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What if you could sum up your hopes for an entire year with one word.

That’s the point of One Word 365, as I interpret it.  My friend, Alece Ronzino of Grit and Glory started the One Word community a few years ago, encouraging people to focus on just one word for the coming year.  Because New Year’s resolutions are needlessly wordy and almost always forgotten.  One word could be about goals, tangible or intangible.  It’s a filter and a prism to view your life through.  It’s a prayer, a meditation, a focus or a goal.

This year, I’m jumping on board.  I’m making One Word part of my year.

What word is going to shape my 2013?


That’s my one word this year.  Create.

Honestly, “create” was my sort of unofficial word last year, as I was writing my book (which happens to deal quite a bit with, coincidentally, creating.)  But this year, I’m making it my official word.


Because this is a year when I share the fruits of my creation.  We’re going to be talking quite a bit about Life After Art as we near its release on April 1.  The book has been a labor of love for me and I hope it is a blessing to you.

Because I realized last year that we are all creating things constantly.  My choices in life boil down to what I am creating out of my life each day.

Because the world desperately needs people who are willing to devote themselves to purposeful creating.

Because if we don’t busy ourselves with creating, then we are busy taking.  And I just don’t see how the people of God can serve others if we are only taking.  The world is full of forces that destroy and steal already.  I don’t want to be among them.

I don’t want the sum of my life to be what have I consumed, what I have taken, what I have bought, what I have purchased…

I want the sum of my life to be what I created.

We’ll see how that goes.  One day at a time, right?

Your turn!  Jump on board with me and make 2013 all about just one word.  Tell me what your one word might be!

25 responses to One Word for the Whole Year #OneWord365

  1. I love this, Matt. I love the idea and your word. By focusing on one thing, it can help you push aside the distractions to keep you from the one thing. Creating is perhaps one of the most important works we can be engaged in.

    Can’t wait to read the book.

  2. Several of my blogging friends have jumped on board with the “one word” for the year idea. I like it but haven’t come up with a word yet. :)

    I think if I was to put a word onto LAST year, it would have been create. But maybe it’s cheating to go backward. :)

  3. I chose “Walk” for my word of the year. Last year’s word was Simplicity and it helped me focus through the year on getting rid of things (physical, emotional, etc.) that I didn’t need. This year, I want to walk – walk physically, walk with Jesus, walk instead of running, etc.

    I like the idea of Create as a word. I thought about Beauty since my husband and I own a yarn shop, but I think that will wait till next year. Walk is what I need to do this year.

    P.S. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year, even though this is the first time I’ve commented, and I really enjoy it.

  4. My word for 2013 is Mindfulness. I blogged about it yesterday:

  5. I like create. But since that’s your word, I’ll have to think about what I want my one word to be. Or even if I want to limit myself to just one. It will probably be a made up word, because I’m contradictory like that.

  6. Matt, can I steal your word? It would be appropriate for me because I decided last year to finally really focus on being a writer. In other words, to actually write. So I think it would be a good word for me. If you’re willing to share it.

    I’ll even give you credit.

    :-) :-) :-)

  7. FOCUS

    That’s Tony C’s word for 2013. A lot of white noise fuzzed things up in 2012. I felt as attention deficit as Kathy aka Katdish who is known to…wait…I lost my train of thought. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  8. This idea has been gaining popularity over the last few years. I think mine will be “discipline” or something similar. Either that or “just do it” (yes, I can count…quiet). They’re really somewhat similar concepts for me. So often I mess around with something unimportant (like Facebook) instead of just doing what’s important. I lack the discipline to get up out of bed or off the couch because I’ve got a lot of inertia (not physically, necessarily, but certainly mentally) and am overwhelmed by “EVERYTHING” that needs doing, so I just don’t do anything at all. With a little discipline, a little order, I’m more likely to just do….something….and that’s where I need to be right now.

    I never was good at being terse. What’s my “one word?” “Just get up and do it already, Melissa!”

  9. “Be” …I felt cheesy even writing that! But for real: I feel like when I was a kid – even in high school – I just was who I was. But as I got older, I started getting more afraid of stuff, which made me start tempering different parts of who I am. I basically became a doormat (that said “Please Like Me!”) and I realize how much trying to please others has ended up not pleasing me!

    ROMANS 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” :)

    • The Yoda in me insists that I say, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

      • Charlene Elwood January 7, 2013 at 7:09 am

        Your so open and that is wonderful.
        I think a word to consider is simple “BREATH”.
        I just turned 70 and I can assure you it will all come together if you just “BREATH”.
        God bless you and yours.

  10. I chose gratitude last year and it was such a powerful, fun word to live with and by for the year. This year, I’ve chosen Christmas, which is kind of funny since I’ve been unable to do anything since Christmas due to being sick, although it has allowed me to plan my actions so I guess I’m still sticking to it :)

  11. powerful word, matt. excited to journey with you this year!

  12. Matt, as always, I love your blog. I’m hesitant about sharing my word because it sounds so holier-than-thou and over-the-top churchy, which I really hate. But despite all my efforts at ducking it, it’s still my word, so here goes: Pray. And I have a feeling that my world is about to get blown apart. :)