One of These People Will Inspire You

January 18, 2013

If you want to be inspired, watch the second video.

If you want to cringe, watch the first.

For your Friday pleasure, I’ve got two short clips.  They ran back to back on The Sunday Morning Show last week.  I’m a huge Sunday Morning Show fan.  And Downton Abbey.

Anyway, if there ever two more polar opposite people, I haven’t met them.  The first story is one of completely living for yourself.  The last 30 seconds are unbelievable, if you catch the subtle irony of the voiceover paired with the video.  The second story, is a man who no one would blame for hating the world, and yet has more love than most people we’ll meet.

I’ll stop talking.  Watch them, and then tell me what you think.



3 responses to One of These People Will Inspire You

  1. wow, what a difference. As much as I really like the Sunday Morning Show I hadn’t seen it in awhile. Thanks for sharing these two stories.

  2. I have watch youtube videos of Nick V. before and thought that only God’s heart can help a person be that thankful and happy regardless of their situation. And thank you for helping me with my cultural education. For weeks now, I have seen tabloid pictures of Bethany F. surrounding the grocery aisles and wondered who she is and why she is important enough to get on the front cover. It was very interesting to watch both stories. Maybe because I have not watched any shows involving Ms. F., I feel that the final comment by the TV reporter seems a bit judgmental. I mean, in some ways, the reporter’s comment exemplifies the pot calling the kettle black. My $0.02, which might be worth less because of my ignorance.

  3. Thanks for the reminder… it isn’t what we have or don’t have, it’s our attitude of thanksgiving. Nick reminds me of Paul’s comment about how he had learned to be content in all circumstances. The first clip reminds me yet again of why I rarely bother to watch TV! 😎