If Jesus Were Born Today, Would You Be the Last to Know?

December 10, 2012

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If and when Kate Middleton gives birth, everyone will know about it.  Obviously.

Yet, when it happens, some people will still get a birth announcement.  Because that’s what proud new parents do.  They snap a pic of the baby and send it to their friends who stick the photo on their fridge.

It’s events like births and weddings that clarify who is on our inner circle.  Those are the people who get the invitations and the announcements.  Those are the people we want to know our good news.

No one will need a birth announcement from the royal family.  But some people will get one anyway, and they will know that they are part of the inner circle.

The funny thing about Christmas is who turned out to be part of God’s inner circle, and who was left out.  And it makes me wonder if I’m part of God’s inner circle.

In the Loop?

When a royal prince or princess is born, all the most important, connected, influential people get an announcement.

You would think it would have been the same for Jesus.  After all, Isaiah said He would be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, and his government will never end!  That’s a pretty important person.  The most important, connected, influential people should probably be told when He is born.

Yet, when the Creator was born, Caesar was passed by.  So was Herod.  All the priests and Pharisees were not told.  All of the educated, wealthy, connected, important, elite people who were used to hearing the news first were left out of God’s inner circle.

The only people who got the birth announcement were some dirty shepherds who happened to be in the right place at the right time.  They weren’t just outside of everyone’s inner circlethey were outside of the entire town!  No one ever sent them a birth announcement or a wedding invitation.

Are You In the Club?

Everyone wants to be in someone’s inner circle.

Inner circles represent exclusivity.  Inner circles are made by inside jokes, and secret clubs that kids create, and camping out overnight to be the first to have the new iPhone.  We want to be friends with important people, people who can help us and do favors for us and increase our influence and connections.  We want to get in good with our bosses.  When someone wins the lottery, all kinds of people come out of the woodwork, desiring to be a part of the inner circle.

I have desired to be in many peoples’ inner circles, and found myself instead relegated to the outer court with all the rest of the unwashed masses.

We all want to be in “the club.”  We want to belong.  We want to hear the gossip that other people hear.  We want to be the confidant that people go to.  We want lots of trust and influence with people.  We want to be in as many inner circles as possible.

But how often to we desire to be part of God’s inner circle?

Would God Send You a Birth Announcement?

If Jesus were born today, would I be one of the people who got a birth announcement?

Or would I be left out?  Would I be caught off guard, and out of the loop?

Jesus said (and I’m summarizing) that there are many people who think they have an “in” with God.  They think they are in the inner circle, they’re on God’s speed dial.  But really, they aren’t in God’s circle at all.  They aren’t even in God’s city.  God doesn’t even know them from Adam.

When God does something, I don’t want to be the last to hear about it.  I don’t want to be surprised.  I want to say, “I knew He would do that!”

When God wants something done, I don’t want to be the last person He asks to do it.

Tell me: whose inner circles are you trying to get into?

10 responses to If Jesus Were Born Today, Would You Be the Last to Know?

  1. yours…of course!!

  2. Recently, I’ve discovered that the inner circle often works the hardest. The view from inside looking out is quite different from the view looking in!

  3. He is born today!

    In the hearts of those who hear, and by God’s grace, come to a living faith.

  4. I’m not trying to be in anybody’s inner circle anymore.

    It’s too much of a headache.

    If I can just stay close to the Lord, and be friends with Him, I’m okay.

  5. if your spirit connected to the Holy Spirit (you are really born from God) you informed of things happening not only in the world visible but what is more important- in the world invisible-where Christ are at the right hand of God.

    All this talking just showing that nobody are in inner circles. How to be introduced there-read carefully again the bible – the school book for beginners.

  6. Are You In the Club?

    I too have never been in the club. I recall a childhood memory. I have no brothers but four sisters. So I would hang out with the guys, sometimes. They liked to start a club every once and a while. So we had an election. I have not played politics for a long time. I don’t know how. Some people like to follow sports but I like to follow politics. A Bible college friend told of Church, “No Poly – No Ticky). Well so much for that too. Anyway, about this club my buddies (?) always wanted to start. So we had the election. I noticed that every time we started a club the same people got elected to the same offices. Then there was me.

    My parents had a nice garage my Dad converted to a play room. Mom brought me home from work some shinny cardboard paper, some colored string, and some colored pens. I thought immediately, “We should start a club at my house.” So I began to prepare some documents for the elected officers. They consisted of Shinny Cardboard on the outside, blank paper on the inside. They were beautifully pleasing to the eye with punched holes and colored string to tie them together. I even named the club.

    I invited the guys over my house to start a club. Of course they thought it would be fun. As usual the same people got elected to the same office. Then there was me. I gave each of them the materials I meticulously prepared the night before. They were smiling and overjoyed when they left my house. I smiled in return. What did I name the club?, “The Ratfink Club.” For some reason they liked the name (?) and I don’t know why. Anyway, they never asked me to join a club again.

    I have the hardest time joining clubs.

  7. Would God Send You a Birth Announcement?

    If I were left out like Thomas I would be pissed off. You see I have been a disciple of Jesus all my life. I was raised in the Church. I see Church all around me. I preach, sing and dance for the Church. I visited those in jail from the inside. I visited the homeless by being homeless not by choice but by call. I ministered to the fatherless covering expenses. I ministered in so many Churches I don not know which ones. I graduated from Bible College just to make no mistake about Gods word. It took 12 years. I have attended a 7 week extended unit of Clinical Pastoral Education C.P.E. I just don’t call myself a Chaplain I accepted the call when the head Chaplain asked if I wanted to be a Chaplain. I said yes. I don’t volunteer for anything. I don’t even join a Church anymore. A Church is not for Theologians.

    I have not made a dime off the gospel. I quit my professional job in computer software because I wanted to go through the Eye of the Needle. Jesus said to do that you have to sell what you have, give to the poor, give up everyone, and follow Him or you are not worthy of the Kingdom of God. And don’t count it as a loss knowing what the Kingdom of God is. Righteousness, Peace, Joy in the Holy Ghost. I have a Public Ministry like Jesus. I understand it now. When you are ministering you don’t even think about receiving your daily sustenance. You don’t have a home of your own. And you find something to eat.

    And like Thomas, who some say he was a doubter, Jesus came by when he wasn’t with the other disciples. While they were just hanging with the fellows, Thomas was busy ministering, studying Jesus’ lessons, and actually doing what Jesus said to do. He was making disciples of all nations, baptizing them the name of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. Blessed be the Trinity.

    What! Prove that was Jesus you saw. Did you see His nail pierced hands and feet! Just then Jesus appeared for Thomas. Jesus made a special trip for him. Jesus preached a sermon that was for him, all eyes that read His word, and all ears that are hearing, and hearing, and hearing by the word of God. For those who have not been given the privilege of seeing Him in the flesh. Jesus is Lord and sitting on the right hand of the Father now. He has been given a name above all names, King of kings, LORD of lords. Thomas was no doubter the lesson was by Jesus, “It is better to believe in Jesus without seeing Him.”

    To that Thomas replied, “Oh My God!” The kids would now say and message, “OMG!” Yeah, like all of us Jesus is going to make a special trip for us. He has lost none of who the Father gives Him. Jesus has us covered. With His spilt blood.