Art Has An Image Problem

December 12, 2012

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Art has an image problem.

I was reminded of that over the last few months, as I tried to lead a classroom of teenagers through several hundred years of art history.

To me, it is a labor of love to lead children in creative pursuits.  And the same is true in opening young eyes to the vast, wonderful world of human creativity.

But I can never predict the audience reaction.  Just as frequently that a piece of art would inspire and amaze, another would fall flat.  Cries of “I could do that!” or “That’s not real art!” would cut through my attempts at explanation.  I would try to reason with them, try to communicate the artist’s intent.  But when my students were resolved, there was no changing their minds.

“Those are just scribbles!”

Art, I am reminded, has an image problem.

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