How I Became a Creative Genius

November 28, 2012 — 1 Comment

copyingHey friends, join me today at Prodigal Magazine, where I’m posting on my Art Room Parables column. Check the preview here, and click the link below to join the conversation.

“He’s copying me!”

Teachers hear that phrase a lot.  It’s usually spoken in a whiny, nails-on-a-chalkboard sort of way.

We usually teach kids not to copy others.

Don’t look at someone’s else’s test.  That’s cheating.

Don’t mimic others’ behavior.  Whenever a kid accuses another of mimicking them, I tell them to just sit quietly, and the other student will have nothing to mimic.  That usually doesn’t work.

The problem is that while we don’t want kids to cheat or plagiarize, the real adult world really is about copying, mimicking and stealing quite a bit.  In fact, if you ever plan to contribute anything of value to the world, you should probably get comfortable with stealing a bit.

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One response to How I Became a Creative Genius

  1. True, true. A good software coder creates code that is reusable by others and uses other’s good code.

    However, when learning a software language, it is usually wise to learn how to apply proper concepts/syntax by yourself. Not saying that you should reinvent the wheel, just understand the concepts you are copying.

    I imagine the same is true of any field. Understand the box…then step out of it.

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