Choosing to Make In a Season of Take

November 14, 2012

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As we enter the holiday season, the attitude at school changes.

The excitement grows.

There is anticipation in the air.

Kids are always a little bit antsy.  A little bit extra squirrely while we teachers try to make them continue to work and learn.

Why do the holidays bring out such a change in children?

Because the holidays are, unfortunately, not the season of satisfaction, but the season of want, of unmatcheddesire.  Children everywhere are making their lists, not of things they will give, but things they are hoping to receive.  We are taught from a young age to buy, to consume, to want constantly, to never be satisfied.

And with this feverish desire to consume hovering in the air, it reminds me of yet another lesson that I hope children can learn (and I can remember) in the art room.

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One response to Choosing to Make In a Season of Take

  1. I have been teaching my 3 year-old daughter that she’s supposed to tell Santa what gifts she’s going to GIVE and what service she is going to DO.

    You know. Cause that’s what the real St. Nick was about.