Announcing My Debut Book: Life After Art

November 21, 2012

I have waited a long time to make this announcement.Life After Art 3.2 small - Copy

long time.  Like, four years.

But the day has come.  I am so excited to finally announce that I have written my first book, Life After Art.  Soon, it will be available, and I hope when you read it, you are inspired and helped.

This announcement is the culmination of months of hard work, and many of you believing in me for a very long time.  So before I start saying “Yay, me,” I have to thank you and tell you how humbled I am.  Your readership has helped make this happen.

So, just what is Life After Art?

What Is Life After Art?

For those of you who don’t know, my day job is an elementary school art teacher.  I love the work of helping students in creative pursuits.

What I did not expect to happen was all the learning would do.  It has been years since I was an elementary student in the art room.  I have gone to college, gotten married, wandered through some career paths, before finally winding up back in the art room.  And it has changed my entire outlook on life.  Returning to the art room has been profound in my search for purpose and spiritual fulfillment in life.

This book is all about what we adults have lost since we left the art room so many years ago.  It is about rediscovering what we instinctively knew about life and happiness as five-year-olds.  It is about living like we are still in the art room, and finding the lives God created us for.

Wait, Is This Like Art Room Parables?

Art Room Parables is my column at Prodigal Magazine.  ”Art Room Parables” was actually the working title of the book in its early phases, but the column was conceived after the book.  None of the content in the column appears in the book.  I have been very careful not to give away the book’s content on the column, because I want it all to be a super-special when you read it for the first time.

Who is Publishing the Book?

Moody Publishers, based in Chicago will be releasing the book.  I feel so fortunate to be working with their team.  This is the same team that recently released Jeff Goins’ Wrecked.

When Will the Book be Available?

The book is hitting shelves April 1, 2013.

I Want to Know More!

I know that I just put words in your mouths with that heading.  Over the next couple of months, I’ll be writing posts here and there about my path to publication, and about the book itself.  Right now, we are in the editing phase, so you’ll hear about the progress we are making.

You may have noticed the blog has gotten a facelift.  That’s because we’ve been working hard to create a new site for the book where you can read a bit more.  You can also “Like” my new Facebook page, so you can get updates that way.

Want to Help Me Launch the Book (and Get Free Stuff?)

It is simply impossible for me to launch this book on my own.  I need your help!  Go to the book’s official page and fill in the form to be considered for the launch team, which means you’ll get to read the book first (and for free) and get some other neat goodies.  Space on the launch team is limited, but I hope to accommodate everyone who wants to help.

Thank You

I have to say it again: thank you.  I have interacted with hundreds of people through this blog, and I constantly thought of all of the encouragement you have lent me.  My hope through the whole process has been that this book will inspire and help you.

20 responses to Announcing My Debut Book: Life After Art

  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much for the past few months — I’m really looking forward to your book, and also want to give my daughter-in-law (also an art teacher!) a copy too!

  2. Can’t wait. I’m excited to be a part of this.

  3. Congratulations. I thought only mega church pastors got book deals and had something worthy to say…you have broke through the curtain!!

  4. Congrats! Can’t wait!

  5. Matt — Well done sir! Can’t wait to read it and help spread the word.

    Moody + Matt Appling = Yes please!

  6. Congrats Matt!! Can’t wait to read it.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS, Matt! Very proud of you! This is a great achievement.

  8. Being a teacher myself, this looks like a very good read! I’ll be sure to get a copy!

  9. Congratulations on getting published, that’s not easy to do!

  10. Congratulations, Matt!

    Much success and happiness to you!

    And even more, much joy and peace in the Lord and the gifts that He has given you.

  11. congrats. I so enjoy reading your blog and then I pass along the link to my G+ friends. I think your book will be a great read.
    Of course, being a fellow art teacher makes it even more appealing

  12. Seriously congratulations! What a crazy milestone in someones life! Very happy for you!

  13. Yea! Matt. Congratulations.
    Hope the book is not set in eight-point type. I’ll look forward to it

  14. Congratulations Matt. Believing that God will continue to use, and expand, your base of influence through your writing and this book.

  15. That is great news, Matt! Congratulations. Will you travel for book signings?

  16. Late to the party, Matt. But I wanted to publicly congratulate you on what I hope will be the first of many books. You have such an honest and unique perspective on things, and I always knew your path would eventually lead you here. Alas, once again, I was right.