Embarrassed by Your Kids’ Art

October 31, 2012

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Remember the days when you went to school.  Probably once a week, you had art class.  You drew and painted and explored and created.

And then you took your work home, proud and eager to show Mom.  And she would gush over it and tell you how proud she was of you.  She might even hang it on the fridge.

Every day that I spend with kids in the art room, I assume this will be the final destination of nearly every project we complete together.  As we paint and draw, the work being done needs to be seen.  It needs to be shared.  Every time I hang a class’s work outside the room, I always get lots of compliments from parents and teachers.  It feels good to be the art teacher.  When the kids’ work looks good, I look good.

So I was surprised recently when a mother came through my door to say, “I am so sorry about my daughter’s project.  It’s embarrassing!”  She let out a laugh as she left my room and walked past her her daughter’s work, hanging with the rest of her class.

What kind of mother would call her own daughter’s artwork embarrassing, much less tell her daughter this?

Could this mother actually be doing her daughter some kind of huge favor?

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One response to Embarrassed by Your Kids’ Art

  1. If the image on this post is the art then mom is crazy! Not sure what is going on but it’s a wonderful use of color, looks very intentional, that kid was not board in art.