Create Plan ‘A,’ but Stick to Plan ‘B’

October 17, 2012

Today, we’re taking a little break from the blog series, because I’m back again at my regularly scheduled post at Prodigal Magazine. Check out the preview of my latest from my Art Room Parables column, and then head over to join the conversation. We’ll be back to the blog series on Friday, and ever closer to the book giveaway next week.

You would think I was teaching a room full of potato-headed children.self-portrat

Seriously, self-portraits are a tough thing to teach kids. We invite them to look at themselves, and recreate what they see. Most of them end up with potato shaped heads…and a lot of other bizarre physical maladies. A couple of them look as if they need an exorcist. Those are the drawings that don’t go on display. They quietly find their way to the bottom of the stack.

It doesn’t matter that I show them all the mathematical proportions they can use to make their faces come out right. We’ll just have to call these portraits “abstract.”

The problem most younger kids have is that they are too stuck on their “Plan A.” That’s why their heads look like vegetables.

It turns out that adults that hold too tightly onto their Plan A don’t usually have vegetable shaped heads, but they aren’t too happy in life either.

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