All the World Is a Talent Show

October 3, 2012

Yesterday, I was at Prodigal Magazine, and my Art Room Parables column.  If you missed it, check out the preview below, and join the conversation at Prodigal.  

talent“I just don’t want to draw anymore.”

Every once in a while, a kid has to make a choice.  Which activity to do after school, which friends to spend time with, which talent to pursue and nurture.  There are only so many hours of the day.

Naturally, as the art teacher, I try to keep kids interested in art as long as possible.  I know that most of them will drop it eventually. But when a kid is trying to make a choice about whether to take art classes or join the soccer team, I try to get them to see things my way.  You’ll have sports for a few years, maybe you’ll even play in college if you’re lucky.  But you can have art forever.

I wasn’t prepared for this response though:

“No one else is doing it.”

Simple, direct, and airtight logic based entirely on the fact that kids are so good at viewing themselves through the lens of how their peers see them.

How do I argue with that?

Finish reading at Prodigal Magazine.

I’m out the rest of the week at Catalyst.  See you next Monday!

One response to All the World Is a Talent Show

  1. Disqus wasn’t working so I couldn’t leave you a comment over on Prodigal so here I am :)

    I really needed to read this because I can so relate although in my case, I feel like everyone is doing what I’m doing. Everyone is blogging, everyone is writing so it’s really hard to stand out and feel like I’m making any kind of impact. But God really spoke to me over the summer about WHAT I should be writing. I started my blog as personal journal and over the years it’s morphed into something that shows the world how much I love God and how I try to stay in his shadow every day.

    I hope that it shows brokenness but also goodness that is something bigger than myself and directs others toward God. Again, I’m not alone in this kind of writing but I figure, it’s not for me to judge whether it’ relevant or not because God can work just as much good from someone who has a million followers as through someone who has ten. That’s the amazing thing!