Innocent or Relevant?

September 19, 2012

Hey everyone, yesterday I was at my Art Room Parables column at Prodigal Magazine.  We started a great conversation, but if you missed me over there, check out the preview here and chime in over there.

Here’s a question for you:pony

Could The Godfather, one of the most acclaimed films of all time, be made without the bad language.

Without the violence?

How much of the “bad” stuff could you take out, and still have a movie about the mob?

It will probably be an eternal debate among Christians.  How much is too much bad language?  How much violence and sex and sin and dirtiness is acceptable?  How worldly is too worldly for Christians to be?

On the other hand, we want to be “relevant.”  We fear that Christianity is becoming irrelevant to the culture at large.

It turns out, to be relevant, sometimes you have to get dirty.

Continue reading and tell me what you think at Prodigal Magazine.

2 responses to Innocent or Relevant?

  1. The idea of Christian relevance is kind of weird. It’s been around and alive changing people for centuries. It’s not going to loose it’s healing, Christ breathed power because it isn’t being tweeted. Making it accessible is one this, or easier to understand, but so often when we try to change it to make it more “relevant” we water down a gospel that doesn’t need it.

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