Blogs I Wish I Had Written

August 10, 2012

One of the most important things I think bloggers can do is celebrate other bloggers.keyboard

It’s tough, because you’ll read something great, and then immediately think why didn’t I write that.

Then you think how can I copy that, but in a way that no one catches on?

My blog reader is full of posts I’ve clicked the star icon on…and resisted the urge to plagiarize.  If you’ve been in need of some really quality blogs (or your ego is a bit too big, like you’re the best blogger ever), then you need to check out these excerpts from blogging nirvana.  (Yeah, I’m “easing” back into blogging by blatantly copying other peoples’ blogs.  Get off my case.)

The best of the starred items in my reader from the last couple of weeks.

(click on the titles)

Do We Have to Pander?

I could pretty well list everything Seth Godin writes, because I could literally put a star next to every blog post he publishes.  It’s probably better if I just go to his blog instead.  But this particular gem stood out.  Do you catch the relevance to our Christian culture that seems sooo ready pander to the lowest common denominator?

My Big Fat Weak Church

Why the church looks like our waistlines: we’re overindulging on spiritual comfort food.

No One Is More Tolerant Than God

If you don’t read Desiring God because you have an allergic reaction to John Piper, then you’re missing out on lots of other great writers who contribute to his site.

Your Dream Must Die

Nicole as usual tells it like it is on Modern Reject.  Somehow, I have to plagiarize this…

When Your Friends Clean Your Toilet

This guest post from Ben Emerson on Prodigal Magazine is one of my favorites on that site…including the posts I’ve written for them.  How many of your invite friends over, without giving your bathroom at least a once-over?  How many of you would let your friends come over and scrub your nasty toilet?

Jesus Doesn’t Love You Just the Way You Are

Love Zack’s perspective at The American Jesus as something of a counterpoint to God’s tolerance.

What gems and pearls of bloggy wisdom have you starred, bookmarked or blatantly plagiarized lately?





7 responses to Blogs I Wish I Had Written

  1. I disagreed with the post writer on ‘Jesus doesn’t love us just the way we are’.

    Although I do believe I know what he was trying to do.

    Jesus loves and died for ‘the ungodly’. That’s us.

    Is that the end of the story? No, there’s much, much more (of course).

  2. I had a few closing words on the CFA fiasco here: “No Mor Chikin”

    This post from Sarah Bessey encouraged me to start blogging regularly again:
    “In Which I Think We Should Do it Anyway”

    And finally, this post from Sarah Over the Moon (which includes a picture from Arrested Development!): “Intangible Christianity”

    It’s a complete coincidence that those posts are both from Sarahs. And, for the record, I wish I had thought of the title you used here first for a blog round up. Back to the drawing board… (Let me know if you have any other great ideas I can “borrow!”)

  3. I have a set of babysitters (three sisters from a homeschool family and their mom who sit around my house while my kids take naps two afternoons and week and I go into my paying job’s office) who love to bless me. I’ve discovered in this process that, while I would be embarrassed, I would be fine with someone scrubbing pretty much any surface in my house (they’ve vacuumed, swept, cleaned the stove top, cleaned the microwave, and kept my kids rooms and play areas walkable, in addition to feeding my kids lunch and playing with them in the sprinkler, etc.). On the other hand, parts of my body start to twitch when someone does my dishes or laundry for me. So if you or someone else wants to come over and scrub my toilets, I’d be happy to let you. Just don’t touch the dishes. I mean it. I will hurt you.

    I didn’t read any of the links, the one about the toilet just made me think of this and I figured I’d share. It’s what friends do! ;p

  4. I recently happened across a fairly new blog, Frantic Believing ( I am so impressed… I very much wish I had written her posts!
    Happily, I managed to restrain my urge to plagiarize, and just posted a recommendation on my own site. Just watch. Now everyone will wander off to Frantic Believing and forget about me. 😉

  5. I do this every week- write a post with a bunch of links to blogs and stuff I found interesting. I guess it means I have a lot of spare time, to be reading so many blogs…

  6. That happens to me allot…I read a post or come to a site that is just so freaking good I immediately hate that person. That’s what happened when I picked up Heroes and Monsters by Josh James Riebock. That book is so good I’m still doing everything I can to not hate him.