Stop Living By Sight

August 6, 2012

Today, I’m back at Prodigal Magazine and my Art Room Parables column.  Read the preview, and join me over there to finish the conversation! 

Great.  Now, in order to be a successful, functional adult, I have to have a “vision.”


That’s what they tell me anyway.  There are thousands of books being sold, articles being written, DVD sets being watched, and conferences being attended, hawking this “vision” thing.  It goes by other names too.  If you’re in the corporate world, they might call it a “five year plan.”  If you’re in more Christian circles, they might call it God’s “calling” or “purpose” for your life.  Other people might call it a “life plan.”  And a lot of people are calling it a “vision.”

And for a near-sighted, detail-oriented guy like me, having a life plan, calling or vision is extremely difficult.  I can’t see five years into the future.  I barely can see into this afternoon.  I don’t have a “vision.”

So, what hope is there for those of us who can’t seem to catch a vision for life?

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