Meet Me (And A Bunch of Other People) at Bloggers Meetup

August 29, 2012

People don’t always look like their online avatars.

2012 meetup banner

I guess I would’ve learned the same lesson if I were online dating. But that’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned every year I’ve attended a Bloggers Meetup. People who I meet also often seem surprised that I am, in fact, a human being, and not a cartoon character.

Yes, it is that time again. Time to register for the 2012 Bloggers Meetup in Atlanta, the evening of October 3.

I went to my first Bloggers Meetup in 2009, and I was hooked. In 2011, I was asked to help put the event together, and I jumped at the chance. This year, I’m co-managing the Meetup, and we’ve found a great new venue, and we’re looking forward to a really fantastic night.

It is always a great opportunity to hang out with bloggers you’ve been idolizing from afar, and get acquainted with bloggers you never knew existed. We’ve expanded capacity to 150 people, and tickets are a paltry $5.00, so you’re practically losing money if you don’t go!

If you are anywhere near the Atlanta region on October 3 (or you are there already for Catalyst), you just have to be there. I’d love to meet you!

Give me a shout out if you plan on being there, or tell me the last blogger you got to meet in person!

2 responses to Meet Me (And A Bunch of Other People) at Bloggers Meetup

  1. This is one of those things that make me melancholy. I just can’t make it that far. Hopefully on our next furlough it will coincide with some meetup somewhere. The funny thing is Atlanta is just a couple of hours from my hometown (Greenville) in upstate SC. Have fun and maybe next time. Oh and the last blogger I met in person is my wife and yes, she did look different than her avatar ;-)>

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