Dream Jobs Are Never Found

August 20, 2012

This week, as I’m headed back into a new school year, I decided to spend a week talking about dream jobs, those elusive things that every working adult wants, and few of us seem able to find.  I’m starting the week at my Art Room Parables column, and I’ll continue back here on Wednesday.

The first day of school.  It’s happening all over the country.


A fresh start.

First days of school are full of all kinds of things.  Kids are full of excitement and anxiety.  They’re wearing their new school clothes.  They’re scuffing their new school shoes.  They’re excited about getting to use their new box of crayons or pencils, or nervous about having to ride a new bus.  It’s a turbulent, emotional, roller coaster of a day.

I bet even adults, for whom school was a lifetime ago can remember at least one first day of school.

The tradition of a fresh start every year is a tradition that most adults have long forgotten about.  It just doesn’t exist in the adult world.  The adult world seems like a never-ending rat race, compared to the idyllic looking world of nine month school years.

But the tradition of the first day of school has reminded me once again about a very real grown-up obsession:

Finding your dream job.

I think I just figured out how to find your dream job.

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One response to Dream Jobs Are Never Found

  1. I was lucky to have my dream job for a couple of years. I used to day dream about what it would entail. Then, after I applied to a wanted ad and they returned the call with the job description I nearly cried. Thank you God, it was perfect. Well, almost. No rose is without thorns. And I do agree, they give you the skeleton and the opportunity. What you make of it from there is up to each of us.

    That being said, I’ve also had jobs where I did not have the ability (for a number of reasons) to make it work right.