Art Room Parables: Boys Don’t Draw

July 23, 2012

Yeah, I’m still on vacation, but I’m still with you in blogging spirit.  Today, you even the second ever brand new post on my new column at Prodigal Magazine, “Art Room Parables!”  Sweet!  Check out this little preview and then head over to Prodigal to read the rest.

We are all artists.IMG_1529

That was the bold claim I made in my first Art Room Parables column.  I’ll admit, I didn’t offer any explanation up front, and maybe you don’t believe me.  I think I even may have bristled a few people with that claim.

“But I’m not creative…” you say.

“I can’t draw a straight line.”

“I like math.”

“I’m a left-brained, type ‘A’ personality.”

“Artists are weird and fruity.”

“Science geeks are boring.  They aren’t artists.”

It wasn’t a typo.  I really meant it, even for all the left-brained, type A, non-creative people, the moms, dads, students, scientists, mathematicians, ditch-diggers and pencil pushers.  So let me explain why you, yes you are, in some way, an artist.

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One response to Art Room Parables: Boys Don’t Draw

  1. I wonder how our culture ended up with the idea that more girls draw and more men play sports. I realize that is not the real point of the article, which is a good one indeed. It is something to wonder about, though.