My Post-Easter Bad Habits Resume

April 20, 2012

Easter has come and gone, and here we are, two weeks later, and knee-deep into the post-Easter season.

So here’s a fun, super-spiritual question.

What bad habits have you picked up again?

Many of us gave something up for the Lent season.  Maybe it was coffee or chocolate or red meat.  Sounds super holy.  I suspect that one of the best features of Easter is that we can reward ourselves for all of our willpower, with a sugar-crazed, pastel-powered super holiday that leaves us feeling great about ourselves.

Here’s a few things that have been wasting, er, occupying me lately, now that I’m not trying to impress anyone during Lent.

Stick a Pin in It

I will admit, I was a Pinterest voyeur for a while.  My wife has an account, and I’d sneak on and flip through some images when she wasn’t looking.  Yes, I am a man and Pinterest has a distinctive feminine feeling to it.  Yes, it defeats the point to use Pinterest without an account.  It seemed like I had stumbled onto something that was dirty and wrong and forbidden to me.  Let’s face it, Pinterest is pretty much porn for girls.

But I finally broke down and asked my wife for an invite.  So this story doesn’t end with me giving up my lustful secret.  I’m out of the Pinterest closet and loving it.  No, I don’t have a page of dream wedding pictures.  My one board is dedicated to research for my art classroom.  My head is ready to explode with inspiration for next school year.

I’m not on there to be social, but if you are a guy, you don’t need to feel all pervy by using your wife’s Pinterest account when she isn’t looking.  Request an invite from me, and we’ll swap pictures of handlebar mustaches.  #ManUpPinterest


The Celebrity Apprentice is a laughably bad show.  “Celebrities” (the word is used rather liberally) attempt to complete contrived business tasks for which they have no qualifications.  They have emotional breakdowns and yelling matches, and one of them is fired at the end of every show.  My wife says it’s a soap opera.

And I can’t stop watching it.  I blame my sister-in-law.  Doggone it.  Our goal for Lent was restricting our TV intake, but I couldn’t live without my lovable island of misfit celebrities.

The Hunger Games

My Lenten fast of all things Hunger Games actually continues to this day.  My willpower is amazing.  I gladly sent my wife to see the movie in my stead while I suffered through a bachelor night.  I took a solemn vow to not eat anything but pizza and stout beer until my wife returned.

On the other hand, I’ve been inadvertently reviving my long-lost love of terrible B movies.  Dang it, Netflix.  Best Worst Movie is actually a fantastic documentary about the worst movie ever made, produced by the now grown child star.

Home Stretch

So I may be pumped for the next school year already, but riding out the home stretch is exhausting.  We need some more holy days in late April so we can get a long weekend.  Since Lent ended, I’ve renewed my love affair with naps.  Naps are literally one of my favorite activities right now.  Some people get a runner’s high.  I get a napper’s high.

So, what’s been occupying you lately?  What habits have you picked back up since Easter?  Meat? Sugar? Trash TV?  Or just too much Pinterest?

18 responses to My Post-Easter Bad Habits Resume

  1. Hi Matt,

    I gave up nothing for Lent. Come to think of it, I’ve never given up anything for Jesus. It’s all been gain.

    However, you touched a nerve with your mention of truly great movies. Here are my own top three picks:

    “Seriously folks, around these parts we’re serious about taking horrible mutilations seriously”.

    This quote from Ranger Brad comes from a seriously great movie called The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra – which gives you some idea of how the dialogue in this delightfully camp film goes.

    I highly recommend this video as pure entertainment although it is rated PG for “Brief Mild Language”.

    Beware of those aliens; This is a low-budget film and they carry a painter’s caulking gun as a space weapon! So you’d just better watch out.

    According to my cinematic taste, another prime example of the film maker’s art should attract the attention of other refined, cultured viewers with discriminating tastes.

    It’s called Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter.

    In the opening scenes of this fictional cinematic event, vampires attack lesbians in the city. Church leaders appeal to the Savior of the world for help. Jesus, who’s been studying karate before his second advent, comes out of retirement to battle the vampires. He whisks along city streets on his skateboard healing the sick, blind and crippled as he goes. A gang of 36 atheists attack, and Jesus karateizes the lot.

    But then, vampires beat him up and leave him bleeding in the gutter. A priest passes by on the other side, a cop passes by, but the Good Transvestite picks him up and nurses him to health. Then Jesus teams up with a professional wrestler and they whack vampires right and left in an auto junk yard and –

    Oh yes, have I mentioned that this movie is a musical?

    No account of my refined taste in cinema is complete without mention of Lair Of The White Worm. In this film an evil giant snake attacks the village demanding an offering.

    The townsmen decide to sacrifice Alice because, “She the closest thing to a virgin we’ve got in the whole village”.

    But the intrepid Scottish hero saves Alice and the village by thwarting the evil serpent by the simple ploy of going into the snake’s lair with a mongoose hidden under his kilt.

    These are three of my top movie picks, these films make the early Godzilla movies look like cinema!

    John Cowart

  2. 3 Stooges. nuff said. Laughed all the way through it. I don’t observe lent but wanted to proclaim to the world which reads this blog…3 Stooges, go see it – laugh – imitate – see it with other men because women just don’t appreciate stupid humor.

  3. Just give into the Hunger Games. At least read the books – they’re brilliant and are SO much more than a love story (as Hollywood undoubtedly portrays it).

    I, too, am a Pinterest voyeur. I haven’t broken down and gotten an account yet, but I may soon. I’ll blame you if I do.

  4. It’s taken a wholota will power too on staying away from the hunger games…i call it…hating the hunger games…lol…that is probably NOT true cause i’ve never read them or seen the movie….if i do…i will probably turn into a hunger games zombie…much like i did with harry potter…

  5. I didn’t so much “give something up” (well, except maybe some sleep and some computer time) as I did add something in (basically discipline). But I would like to share this fact with all of the Lent newbies (like myself) out there who came from Protestant backgrounds, but who are now jumping on the Lent bandwagon since it’s the cool thing to do (I can say that because I’ve done it myself) – Sundays are always “feast” days. On Sunday you celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, so there is no fasting on that day! So when you give up caffeine or chocolate or sodas or whatever highly-spiritual thing you did for Lent, you can totally binge every Sunday! Score!

  6. I didn’t give anything up until sometime in the middle of Lent, when I started reading a Lenten Bible study and getting involved in a weight loss competition with my SIL and some others in MN.

    I did read all three books of _The Hunger Games_ and really liked them. The romance in the books is secondary to political commentary and people killing each other for entertainment of the elite.

    One of my BILs has a Pintrest account because he is a foodie. I have not joined because I need to spend LESS time on the computer, not more. I need to finish knitting my daughter’s t-shirt before summer is over. (stupid tissue-weight fashion trend!).

    My current guilty pleasure is watching “Raising Hope” and sometimes spending an entire day reading.

  7. I’m long past worrying about my bad habits and tring to squash them.

    I realize that my very best, isn’t good enough either.

    So I live in repentance (sorrow for my sin), and forgiveness. And I trust that God is at work in through it all..the good, and the bad.

    Just trying to live, and be some good to people now and them.

  8. Having been out of town since Good Friday, I haven’t had a chance to pick up any fun bad habits. Since I didn’t give up anything specific for Lent (, the choices are endless. Now you’ve got me considering the options for when I get home next week! 😉

  9. I’ve had french fries only once I since Lent ended, but don’t seem to crave the them nearly as much now that I can eat them again (that’s that enemy @the work) I joined Pinterest after reading about it on LinkedIn and just because it was NOT facebook but sounded (P)interesting. I have no idea what HUNGER GAMES is, but do keep hearing about it. And it’s so true nothing beats a well placed nap!

  10. I have given up Soda permanently, but it seems like I’ve replaced it with chocolate and other sweets… Is there something wrong with that?

  11. The money you saved on Hunger Games will be worth it. Wait for the DVD.

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