Life Is Not Fair, and Neither is Much Else

April 23, 2012

Did your Mom or Dad ever tell you that life wasn’t fair?

Mine sure did.  And my teachers, and everyone else.

And you know what?  They were right.

But it took me until I went to college to find out that life is way more unfair than I really suspected as an eight-year-old.  Unfairness in a child’s world is your brother getting a bigger piece of cake, or more Christmas presents, or sticking his foot on my side of the backseat.  But when I answered a phone call in my dorm room, I discovered just how unfair things can be.

But…it turns out that life is not the only thing that’s unfair.

Today, I’m happy to be blogging over at Prodigal Magazine, where you can read the rest of the story.  I hope you’ll clickety-click yourselves over there, and let us know you were there.

2 responses to Life Is Not Fair, and Neither is Much Else

  1. Wow, Matt. That was beautiful. It reminded me of all the unfair deaths I’ve experienced but also, of Gods amazing grace. Thanks!

  2. Nice job, over there, Matt.

    An unpleasant subject, but one we ought look at from time to time. We will all have our turns grieving…and being grieved over.


    We too, will walk out of that tomb, as He did. Now we must pass on that Good News to a world often oblivious the harsh realities that await…and unaware that something great has been done about, so that they too can walk out of that tomb.