In Retrospect, It Was a Good Friday

April 6, 2012

Good Friday, everyone.

Today, I’m taking a breather from the blog.  I’ve got a long weekend.  I plan to do some writing.  I’m going to mow my worship guy’s grass because he jacked up his knee.  I may even motivate myself to start painting the living room.  Probably won’t eat any peeps.  If I’m given any, they’re going into the microwave.

Remember this Good Friday, that it was only good in retrospect.  The original Good Friday was pretty dang awful.  And in the midst of all that awfulness, which no one could see past, God’s beautiful plan was coming to fruition.

Maybe you’re having just an awful day…or week…or year.  But maybe in retrospect, you’ll see how God’s beautiful plan was unfolding all along, even when things seemed their worst.

Today, I’ll share with you a few of the blog posts I’ve got starred on my blog reader.  They are amazing.  Go read them.

Is Easter Too Violent for Children?Russell Moore – When you’re done looking for pastel colored eggs, remember that the Easter story is about a gruesome, offensive execution, and a mangled corpse coming back to life.

In the Cleft of the RockAlece Ronzino – It’ll take you ten seconds to read this.  And somehow, Alece has said more than I’ve said all week.

Saying No After Saying YesMandy Steward – Let your yes be yes, and your no be no…unless you promise to make a balloon panda for someone.

The Before and AfterBen Arment – A new version of you is now available.

When I Am GodTim Challies – Amazing.

Have a great Easter, everyone!  What are you doing to celebrate?

5 responses to In Retrospect, It Was a Good Friday

  1. Happy Easter, Matt!

  2. Have a Good Friday and a joyous Easter! May God bring in people who haven’t heard of Him to your church and may He move in their hearts to put their faith in Him as they respond to His gospel!

  3. I spent Good Friday on an Ecumenical Pilgrimage that just wore me out. Two miles into the walk, and at the second church, I stopped to light up a cig. Out of nowhere, I heard my (only) priest friend shouting my name and teasingly scolding me about not being able to wait 3 hours when Jesus suffered for many days. I still finished the cigarette, but the message was not lost on me.

  4. Our church has been going through something called “The Easter Experience,” which has a series of small-group videos that are viewed over six consecutive weeks, culminating on Easter Sunday. As our church hosted the community Good Friday service this year, we also viewed a special Good Friday video, about 45 minutes in length. It was powerful…remembrances and recollections from Peter, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, in the way they might have have reflected on the evening of the crucifixion. Effective and heart-wrenching, it made the events of Good Friday real in a way they’d not been before. Wow. Especially Peter’s reflections. I thought my heart would break. As well it should.

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