An Abortion Doctor Turned Eco-Crusader

March 30, 2012

This may be the first time an entire city has said, “Good job,” to its local abortion doctor.

Since it’s Friday, and you might want some good news to end your week, I just want to share this bit of local news with you.

See, I’ve never been a fan of abortion doctors. Something about them just seems a little…creepy. But it turns out that Krishna Rajanna, 74, is a hero. He says that during his career, it was a never ending witch hunt, and he’s just trying to do something good. He’s not the monster his opponents always portrayed him as being. Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished.

Keep reading to see what makes this guy such an upstanding citizen, and lovable community hero.

Okay, so maybe the guy made his fortune doing something icky at best, and reprehensible at worst.

But he’s not such a bad guy. It turns out he loves the environment. He is a crusader for good environmental stewardship.

See, when the fellow had boxes and boxes of paper to dispose of, he wants everyone to know that he didn’t carelessly toss them in a trash bin or needlessly pollute the air by burning them. He brought his wastepaper to a recycling bin. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Who would blame the guy for that?

Except, the wastepaper was approximately a thousand abortion related medical records.

And to add further to the irony, the good doctor didn’t have his personal recycling bin with which to dispose of the records. He carefully left the boxes sitting atop a recycling bin at an elementary school where they were easily found by a parent.

Elementary school recycling bins...or sensitive document disposal facility?

The funny thing is, the laws are not strict enough to prosecute the guy. Laws about patient privacy apply to doctors who are licensed. This eco-crusader’s license was revoked seven years ago after being disciplined four times for such things as keeping syringes of meds in an unlocked fridge, or having roaches and a dead mouse in the hallway.

And he’s baffled because he was just, “trying to do what he thought was right.”

But at least he’s learned his lesson, which is that recycling doesn’t pay. He said those bins are “unreliable.” (Especially as gun safes or medical document storage.)

Can’t a guy who has no moral compass or common sense catch a break? He thought he was doing the right thing. You can read the whole story here.

What do you think? Are we going to punish a guy for trying to save the planet now?

15 responses to An Abortion Doctor Turned Eco-Crusader

  1. So basically all a doctor needs to do is wait til they are no longer a doctor, and then they can dump our private medical files wherever they like, and that’s not illegal?!


  2. From the Article:

    “It’s always a witch hunt,” said Rajanna, 74. “They always try to make something out of nothing and I believe that’s what’s happening now. Don’t you see what they do all of the time to any of the clinics? They will always be looking for something to say, don’t you think? Don’t you see?”

    I think that about sums it up…

  3. Okay, not that I’m condoning anything this guy has done, but this seems to be an odd choice of story after your Wednesday post.

    I mean, two days ago it was all about the biggest enemy being in the mirror. Today, we get a nice neat article about a really terrible person to make us all feel better about ourselves.

    Heck, I don’t perform abortions AND I don’t have cockroaches in my office AND I dispose of all my patients’ information properly! Yeah me! I’m the best doctor EVER! Give me a freaking medal!

    • Sorry if that’s how it came across. Not intended. Just a strange, silly story from my local news.

      If you think about it though, maybe it is an illustration of how this guy is his own worst enemy…

      …But I also have been known to contradict myself from day to day. :) I’m always taking myself out of context too.

      • The previous message was brought to you by Dr. Normal, your friendly neighborhood curmudgeon. :)

  4. Okay, I haven’t finished my coffee yet, so my brain is most likely not fully “on”. But wth????

  5. I think that he should try bungee jumping, para-sailing or daredevil motorcycle riding – you know, something that requires a brain to survive.

    If you are asking where I stand on abortion, I am pro-life and pro-adoption.

    If you are asking where I stand on privacy? It is an illusion. Nothing is really private. Where we go on the Internet is cataloged. Your site is being recorded – well, at least since 1996 or so. Way Back Machine

    In this digital age we are video recorded 6 or more times a day, and it is growing. Our credit cards and phone bills are permanent records – so are the web sites we visit and the emails we send.

    You can’t delete anything.

    I actually choose a doctor with paper records because my ex-wife had access to my digital records through her job. Another time a friend knew our child’s expected birth date before my wife had a chance to share the news. (I know HIPPA, but you’d have to prove it.)

    At work we encrypt everything, but there are still people who work here.

    To answer your question: Yeah, the guys and idiot.

  6. The former doctor hasn’t heard of these newfangled machines called “paper shredders?”. I am glad hisl license was revoked.

  7. Eww. I hate that false teaser you started with, I was really hoping for a good news story.
    Eww. Just EWW.

  8. I think that he was just trying to leave an open line of communication for all of those murdered babies to find their mother’s. Just sayin’!