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Today, I’m continuing my odyssey into parenting, and today, we’re exploring a very special kind of Mom and Dad.

Everyone knows the term “helicopter parent.”

Those are the Mommies and Daddies that hover around the baby birdies constantly.  They have a reputation for being…overprotective, to put it mildly.  They were first noticed by teachers several years ago, and their pervasive habit of making teachers’ jobs miserable with constant phone calls and conferences.  But people thought they would grow out of it when the kids turned 18 and went to college.

They didn’t.  The hovering parents followed their kids to college, calling up professors, making demands, and generally being a huge pain.  But it was okay, because everyone thought the parents would grow out of it when their kids graduated college and got jobs.

They didn’t.

Grab your blankies and read on.  Tell me if you think it’s time the helicopter parents finally grew up.

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What’s up everyone?

I’m really excited because today, I’m kicking off a new blog series.  Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be featuring all kinds of topics about parenting.  Ironic, I know, since I am not a parent.  But I’m not alone.  I’ve enlisted the help of all kinds of people who know more about wiping butts and kissing infectious boo-boos than I do.

Some of us had great parents, others left something to be desired.  So I’m kicking things off with an easy, not at all impossible to answer question: what makes “good” and “bad” parenting?

I received all kinds of answers.  See what you think.  And tell me just what you think makes a lousy or amazing parent.

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Will You Go to Jail?

February 10, 2012

Have you ever been to jail?

I have not.  My impression is that it is not a fun place to be.

You’ve probably caught wind of the firestorm that started brewing this week.  Suddenly, it’s become apparent that under the President’s healthcare overhaul, every healthcare facility will have to provide contraceptive and abortion-inducing medications.  This of course, is seen as directly affecting Catholics, who have traditionally taught against artificial contraception.

I don’t think Christians have ever been in a position to go to jail for their beliefs in America, at least not in our lifetimes.  But a lot of Catholic bishops are saying they will go to jail rather than comply.

There have been a few people beating the drums for a long time, alerting us to the impending government interference on our religious liberty.  We usually call them “right wing nuts” or “Glenn Beck.”  And I have to say, I haven’t believed them.  But this sure looks eerie.

My question to all of you Catholics, Evangelicals, Democrats, Republicans, whatever you are: we’ve talked a pretty big game as long as we’ve had the freedom to do so.  Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

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I think it’s time to say this.

If you haven’t noticed, things have gotten kind of divisive lately.

I read recently that President Obama is, statistically, the most polarizing President in history.  Sounds hard to believe after W.  Basically, that means we’re becoming more hard-bitten in our half-witted “ideologies” while we plug our ears with toilet paper.

And you know that Christians are no different.

While I try to keep conversations here productive and reasonable, sometimes the controversy is just exhausting.  Christians (at least those of us who pay attention to any other Christians) divide ourselves over politics, social issues, theology, the “feel” of Christianity (since when is Christianity about a “feeling?”), and a million other tiny issues.  We are even divided over which Christians we should show unity with.

If you think we may be letting things get out of hand, please read on.  And I’ve never asked you to do this before, but let’s try to share this message at least as much as we spread the latest juicy bit of Christian gossip.

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Okay, here’s the deal.

Last week, John Piper invited controversy by saying that God gave Christianity a distinctively male quality.  And if men and women embrace that essential maleness, we’ll all be happier.

After all, Jesus was a man who had twelve male disciples.  All of the Old Testament prophets were men.  Even God Himself is revealed to be a “father.”

If you’re the type who thinks the church is full of effeminate fairy-boy worship leaders, then this may be music to your ears.  On the other hand, it may seem hurtful and hard to accept to women.

And as usual, I’m here in the middle, ready to sort this one out.

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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve done this.

But there’s a blog you should all be reading.  I mean it.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had a Q and A with a blogger that I want you to know.  But Caleb Wilde will fill a very important niche in your blog reader: the guy-who-handles-dead-bodies-all-day-and-blogs-about-it niche.

Caleb is a funeral director, his blog, the appropriately titled Confessions of a Funeral Director is great, he’s starting to be featured around the ‘nets, and he has a book coming up.

So I had to jump on the Caleb Wilde bandwagon.  We’re talking about dead bodies, conquering the world, and you’ll have the chance to answer the most morbid question ever on this blog.

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