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December 21, 2011

Hey peeps!

Well, 2011 has almost come to a close.  It’s been a great year, and I’d like to think it’s had its share of good blogging.

This Friday will be my last post of the year.  I’ll be taking next week off to chill with family, play video games an inordinate amount of time, and do some catch up reading on my favorite blogs.

I’ll also be spending some time thinking about what kinds of special things I can do here on the blog in the next few months.  Most of what you read is not planned out that far.  I don’t know about you, but I’m doing really great if I know on Sunday what the week will look like on the blog.  99% of what you read what written just a day or two before.  It’s how I stay “topical” and “relevant,” and “dynamic,” and a bunch of other meaningless and idiotic catch phrases that Christians and bloggers use.  But special things and guest posts have to be given some advanced thought.

So here’s what I’m thinking.  I’d like to give you the chance to help me write some cool stuff in 2012.

With my wife and I continuing our quest to become parents, (and the projectile baby vomit level of comments that have ensued on those blog posts), I’d like to hear from any of you who are interested in talking about parenting.  If you have octuplets, or you’re purposely childless, or you had kids way too early, or too late, or you have something unique to tell two hopeful parents, I want to talk to you.  Leave me a comment to let me know you want to talk to me about parenting.

Seeing the comments that have continued to pour in from NFQ’s guest post last week has me interested in hearing from more of you.  If you want to talk to me about having a spouse or child who is a non-believer, or you had a really unique path to faith, or a path out of faith, or you belonged to a cult, or you’ve had some kind of ridiculous, Lord of the Rings-esque spiritual quest, I want to hear about that.  Leave me a comment to tell me you want to talk about spirituality.

And if you just have a great topic for a guest post that you’re dying to share, leave me a comment and tell me.

Make sure you put your email in the blank when you register to comment.  I’ll be getting in touch with all of you really soon to see what you have on your mind.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll use your topic.  No hard feelings.  But here’s your chance!

36 responses to Write for The Church of No People

  1. Not on any of the topics you mentioned but I have some stuff I’ve writen on the Christian conference scene and on being single in the Christian community (including a piece in progress about where the two topics intersect)

  2. Matt, I would be interested in guest posting to talk about being an adoptive parent, if you’re interested. Let me know. Thanks for opening up the offer like this!

  3. Matt, I would love to write for your blog! I am a father of two rowdy boys, they’re 2 and 4. I don’t have a topic in mind as of yet, maybe we could brainstorm…?

  4. Matt, I have topic about parenting that I’d love to share as part of a guest post.

    Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  5. Hi Matt,

    I am the Mom and Leader Content Editor for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International and write for the mom-ology.org blog. Here is the post I wrote last week about Christmas in a house full of screamers http://bit.ly/sMMLVM.

    I would love to do a post on anything parenting related. I have four girls ages 4 months to nine years. You are the only blog I subscribe to. How about that?


  6. I think you’ve already heard much of what I have to say on parenting.

    The root problem I see in that issue is what I commented on the other day – Christians don’t actually believe the Bible anymore. I don’t necessarily want to write the post, but I’d certainly be interested to see what parts of the Bible Christians believe and attempt to follow, and which parts they ignore, discount, think are covered by the “law of love” or by grace, or whatever. Also, why they believe that is an appropriate line to draw in the sand.

  7. hey Matt…i got “kids say the darnest things! lol…idk…i got stories up the wazu!

    let me know if you want to draft something…

    My little 5 years old could write a gossip column of the Kindergaten class! lol…sooo funny.

  8. I think it’d be cool if you talked about all the things that pastors say that “prove” Christianity but really are only a meager attempt to make people believe. I’ve heard pastors say that we know Jesus was truly raised from the dead because the Bible says it. Well…the Quaran says lots of things to. Well of course the Bible was inspired by God…and the Quaran by Allah. I think it’d be cool if you talked about these “reasons” for why the Bible is real. Maybe even go into the deeper explanations that truly show the Bible as legit.

  9. Matt I would love to guest on your blog. I love reading it. I have committed to low blog activity till new year so my mind is blank as to a topic or idea. I’ll have to get back with you.

  10. Carl E. Westbrook December 21, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Just “heard” about your blog. Interesting. I’m not much of an interactive user of the internet, but this sounds interesting. How about writing for the “church of no buildings”? What would a Pastor do if he/she didn’t have to “worry” about plumbing, lights that don’t work, floors that need attention, broken windows, door locks that won’t let people in… You get the picture. I’m about ready to chuck it all.

    Another thought, regarding parenting. I might have a few things to say about grandparents rearing grand-children. We’ve got three; well, two actually, and one great-grandchild. As a lifetime vocation, I don’t recommend it. HOWEVER, if the parents cant’ or won’t do it and the grandparents either can’t or won’t…..? You see where we are. Being two years away from mandatory retirement with a two-year-old in the house is an interesting scenario. It’s been a cacophonous 20 years, to say the least – in more ways than one.

    Well, I’ve probably overstayed my welcome. Blessings to all.
    Carl Maranatha!

  11. I may be up for writing about adoption. We have four biological kids and are in the process of adopting….or we could e-chat about it…super busy these coming days, but maybe after Christmas???

  12. I’m not worthy!!

    Actually, if you ever want a homeschooling mom’s perspective on parenting, I would be willing to contribute at some point.

  13. I’d be happy to share about having a child with autism and the challenges that special needs parents face even in the Christian community.

  14. I’d love talking about parenting. I have kids 33, 24, 21, and 8. We so did some fostering too. You could interview me, and then them and see if we agree. Just the 8-year-old Skypes. 😉

  15. Due to my deep aversion to being labeled a mommy blogger, I don’t write specifically about parenting much. But I have five kids, two of whom are twins, so I certainly have the material. Let me know if you’d like me to share a story some time. :)

  16. Matt, I would love to contribute guest posts on three topics that are close to me: (1) the worldwide obsession about global warming/climate change and what the Word of God says about it (hint: it’s at odds with both the fear-based and denial-based arguments); (2) the really cool story of how God first planted an idea for ministry to the urban poor, then miraculously brought together all the necessary elements: the take-away is that, once God mandates something, NOTHING gets in the way; (3) thoughts on evangelizing to the urban poor: it’s not about soup, sandwich and a shelter bed.

  17. Hi Matt,
    Firstly thank so much for the immigration comment you left on my blog, and especially for the insightful questions, which I am mulling over. Thanks much.

    I would love to do a guest post for you, if you think it might be of interest to you and your readers. On faith, and the zigzags of my faith journey. Born Catholic (in India), became a Catholic Charismatic at 17, joined Mother Teresa’s convent at 17, stayed for 2 years, won scholarship to Oxford, decided not to be a Christian!!, returned to faith, but as a Protestant in America, where I went to a wide variety of denominational churches over 17 years, am now a Charismatic evangelical back in Oxford, England. At present, the aspects of faith which most interest me are the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit .
    Blessings, Anita

  18. Matt–

    Love to write with you. Check out the36review.com for a random smattering of topics.

  19. I’m new to your blog. Heck, I’m new to blogging, but I’d love to write a guest post. My topic would be the experience I’ve had that started out by growing up as a good Christian kid who pretty much behaved himself. I had good Christian friends who pretty much behaved themselves. I grow up, I get married, then one of my friends does something really crazy SINFUL-like! I’m shocked. This trend continues with other friends, and I have to do a lot of learning about the fragility of our walks with God and about my own imperfections.
    My blog tends more toward humor, but I can write about things that matter too :-) See this as an example: http://amuseorbemused.com/2011/11/stupid-dog/

  20. Since singles and marrieds in the church were mentioned, I have a topic/story I would like to share in a guest post. It has to do with diversity in stages of life, and how we tend to segregate (marrieds only hang out with marrieds, singles with singles, etc), especially in the church, and why it’s a problem. My wife and I had some frustration and a lot of experience with this topic.

  21. Funny you should mention it, but I really did live in a cult – for over a decade. Not something I talk about much these days, but even though it is now more than a decade ago, it has shaped my experience significantly. Not sure at this stage how I’d tackle the topic – but it would be honest!

  22. woops – I mis-typed my url in the last comment… corrected it here!!

  23. how bout maybe about being single and disabled?


  24. Hi, Matt. I would be interested in contributing a guest post in early 2012. I’d be happy to write about lessons learned as a young father, or on general topics related to intentional living. Feel free to visit my site – perhaps we could swap guest posts. (www.sparksandashes.com)


  25. My 2 children are already in their mid 30’s. In college I had read a book for a class management credit by Dr. James Dobson, The title is Dare to Discipline. This is the best book I have ever read on parenting. It isn’t concerned with becoming a parent but it has much to say about being a parent. It may still be available from Focus on the Family.

  26. Hi Matt,

    I’d love to guest post. Our daughters (pk’s) are 25 and 24. I’d probably write something on communication and being present, or how God uses our kids to form us. I reference our relationship dynamics often on my blog. Thanks much!

  27. It’s great that you’re accepting guest posts now!

    I would probably write something funny about the lessons I learned when my children did something extra un-Christian or something about the eventful life of a stay-at-home mom.

  28. I would be interested in writing about this. i write here sometimes…

  29. Hi Matt,

    Have a look around Thinking Out Loud sometime, and once you have an idea what’s going on there feel free to throw out an assigned topic.

  30. HI Matt, i saw the tweet promoting this post, so if you are still taking guest posts, I have one for you entitled, “Institutional Solutions Are Not Our Solutions”

    Shoot me an email and I will send you the content.

  31. Matt,

    I recently wrote some satire on JC Penny hiring Ellen. It was even “featured” on Wretched Radio.


    I’m going to write a follow up riffing off the homosexual advertising.

    It’s not the topic you’re asking, but what do you think?


  32. My time is quite limited, but I’d be willing to talk about parenting. 10 kids, with the 11th on the way, so I think that qualifies me as either a lunatic or an expert. Perhaps a bit of both.