Things I’ve Forgotten to Be Thankful For

November 18, 2011

Yep, I’m thankful for a lot of things.

I’m sure you are too.  And in a few days, we’ll be thinking about family, food, and football, which is pretty much all that matters to a lot of people.

I know that I neglect to be truly grateful through the year for all the things I have in my life.  I know they are there.  I just don’t pay much attention to them.  It’s easy to take your family for granted.  It’s easy to be filled with ingratitude.  It’s easy to complain instead of be thankful.  So in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I intend to set that aright and acknowledge all of the blessings I’ve been ignoring lately.  Maybe you can think of a couple of gratitude worthy things that you’ve been ignoring lately too.

This Thanksgiving, I’m Thankful for…

…People who oppose me.  They ensure that I work very hard for what I want.

…Not winning the lottery, so I can keep my priorities straight.

Jersey Shore, for showing me exactly where but for the grace of God go I.

…Adam Sandler, for making every other movie this holiday season look good by comparison.

…Critical people who so effectively keep me humble.

…People who have the wrong politics.  Seriously, look at history.  We have always needed both parties.

…Robert Pattinson, for temporarily taking some of the collective female attention off of me for once.

…Construction zones that tie up traffic on my way home from a job that does not involve filling potholes with asphalt in hundred degree heat.

…Cars that break down unexpectedly which always remind me that I can, in fact, afford to repair my car on a moment’s notice.

…Glenn Beck and his dire prophesies of world collapse which have not come true. (He said it all going to happen this year!)

…Housework, and the house that goes with it.

…Justin Bieber…thank you for ruining the name Justin and not Matt.

…Vegans.  More meat for the rest of us.

…The forty-five minute wait to see my doctor for ten minutes, which is much better than a two-day wait at a free clinic in the slums.

…Unanswered prayers.  My life would’ve turned out pretty badly if all of them had been answered.

And that’s my list!  What about you?  What have you been neglecting lately as you count your blessings?

21 responses to Things I’ve Forgotten to Be Thankful For

  1. Hi Matt,

    I stand rebuked.


    I am not by nature a grateful person.

    Your list reminds of that and makes me think.

    John Cowart

  2. – An awesome wife.
    – The best church I have ever attended in 35+ years.
    – Miracle healings in my body.
    – Healthy kids.
    – A 6 figure job that likes me while I plan to find another one.
    – My iPod.
    – My California vacation.
    – Running cars.
    – The tangible presence of God.
    – There is no panic in heaven.
    – Personal freedom!
    – No more news about Charlie Sheen
    – That there is a presidential election in 2012.

    Mostly the trials that have shaped me (finally!) I have made it through all sorts of losses, and today I am still thinking about all that God has for me!

  3. Once again, thanks for a great post.

    I’m thankful for:

    -My wife
    -My sons
    -My teaching job
    -My students (who make me teach better every day)
    -Christ’s blessings (especially that He’s on the throne)
    -New perspectives when I read good blogs

  4. Awesome. The things for which I am thankful:
    * A wonderful husband
    * Four kids who are bright enough to keep me on my toes and loving enough to want to spend time with me.
    * Friends, old and new
    * That God loves me enough to push me out of my comfort zone again and again.
    * Families to visit and a car that can get us there.
    * My husband’s job, which makes enough for me to be able to stay home and homeschool my kids.
    * The freedoms we have in this country.
    * Different perspectives from people I meet in church, my neighborhood, and through blogs.
    * That God loves celebrations and ordered us to celebrate every once an a while. He also gave us a sense of humor and sometimes demonstrates His sense of humor in my life.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    A warm house
    My job
    People that stop by and ask how I am doing
    Being able to feel the power of community
    Celebrating milestones (from personal struggles)
    Being able to choose what I want for dinner
    Goals to continue into 2012

  6. Thanks for the reminder. My list:

    – My wife and kids
    – Employment – even after a couple layoff scares
    – A warm, dry home to sleep in
    – Enough food that I have to work to lose weight
    – Scout nights with my son
    – Listening to my daughter play piano
    – Answers to prayers about health issues
    – Grace
    – Enough “stuff” that we have to have a yard sale tomorrow (brrrrr)

  7. I love your list. I need to work on a list of my own. I’m going to have to steal the vegan quote. But, since I’ve been fixing my house since Irene broke it on Aug. 27th, I think I want to be a renter. :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I’ve been working on this one, because it’s so easy to forget how great we have it. Including:

    1.Our own place and car. Both took a while to get, which helps us appreciate it more.
    2.A job. Every time fellow store employees give me opportunity to complain about my job, I try to check myself and say, positively, “It’s work.”
    3. The comment above reminded me of this one, but my hometown in NY got hit hard by Irene and I still have a lot of family there. Thankfully, they’re okay and they still have places to live. And that being said:
    4. That no one in my family is named Irene. That would be awkward.

  9. Love this post. Especially the bit about Robert Pattinson.

    We’re thinking alike–I wrote a similar post (though it wasn’t nearly as witty) a few days ago.

    Some things on my list:

    –short days, because they help me appreciate the warmth and light of my home.
    –difficult kids at Awana, who have the opportunity to hear truth
    –a change in direction at work, with the opportunity to learn new things
    –an alarm that goes off far too early, signaling a busy yet purposeful day ahead

  10. Matt, you rock! lololol! I LOVE this list! Vegans… more meat for the rest of us… HERE HERE! 😛 And I 2nd the alarm clock!!

  11. God’s really been working on me over the last month about the real definition of gratitude. He’s showing me to be thankful for the little things like the fact I have a floor to sweep. Great post, Matt.

  12. Jack & Jill pretty much makes the entire Twilight franchise look like America’s crowning cinematic achievement.

  13. That’s a graet list! I love how you brought out things that we wouldn’t normally realize that we would be thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for….

  14. …Glenn Beck and his dire prophesies of world collapse which have not come true. (He said it all going to happen this year!)

    Are you kidding me? Seriously dude. He predicted everything about the Arab Spring, the economic collapse in Europe, the rise of socialism/anarchy etc, as well as the troubles in this country, such as the OWS garbage. And he said things would START to get bad, not that the world was ending.

    Watch his show, get his newsletter, and get the facts right man. You are a better blogger than that comment dude.

  15. Sorry for the tangent there dude. Tired of people spewing wrong information about Glenn Beck. I also suggest reading his books.

  16. … All the amazing music students I’ve had over the years that I would have never met if my husband was healthy and able to continue working.

    … All the ministry that has happend in my life and the lives of said amazing music students.

    … Being able to sit here late at night with an only slightly leaky roof with the rain pounding outside… a good reminder to pray for and physically care for the homeless right around here.

    … For learning what real, sacrifical love is both given and recieved, with my husband, who is still the love of my life after all these years… and from a merciful God who meets us in the middle of everything.

  17. I find it all too easy to forget/ignore God’s blessings and get caught up in petty, everyday stuff. A few things on my list:

    …A house with working utilities
    …Food in the refrigerator
    …A car that functions properly
    …A change in direction of my academic career
    …People who disagree with me. They keep me from becoming too full of myself.
    …That I am surrounded by a community that is committed to Christ and that is not afraid to call one another out
    …That I am reminded daily of where I’d be without God’s grace
    …That God redeems.