Who’s Inspiring You Today?

September 30, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone!

Holy crap, I’m working over time just to make sure my ridiculous twenty part job (which I’m still thankful for) is covered while I’m gone next week to the Catalyst conference.  I’m almost going to need a vacation after this.

But I’m excited because it’s my third time to go to the Catalyst, and the Bloggers Meetup on Wednesday night.  There’s still some tickets left, so if you are going to Catalyst, I’d love to see you at the Meetup!

One reason I love events like this is because I find other people so much more interesting than myself.  A huge variety of people are going to be there, including Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, Scott Williams, Ron Edmonson, Lindsey Nobles, Bryan Allain, John Saddington, Justin Wise and Alece Ronzino.  Plus, I’m gonna get to meet some of my blog friends, including Jeremy Statton, Darrell Vesterfelt and Ally Spotts.  Geez, just in that group, you’ve got world travelers, engineers, prison wardens, surgeons, authors and publicists.  And I’m just Matt, a small fish in a big pond, a fact that I’m reminded of every time one of you comments on my blog.

This is also what I call my “continuing education,” my time to hear from people who inspire me.  I always discover brilliant people I never knew existed, but now can’t live without.

So, on this Friday, I’ve got a really easy question for you.  Tell me who’s inspiring you today.  Whose books are you reading, whose messages are you listening to, whose wisdom are you emulating, whose blog are you stalking?  Who’s rocking your face, melting your mind, or just making you pee your pants in excitement?

23 responses to Who’s Inspiring You Today?

  1. Have fun at your convention, Matt.

    Who is inspiring me today?

    This is going to sound so narcissistic…

    But, I am.

    Yes, I inspire me.

    Recently, in my blog archives I’ve been going over some of my journals from many years ago and reading what I wrote way back when. Makes me ashamed of how I am today. Makes me sad. Makes me want to live up to the potential I had then. Makes me want to be a better Christian, better husband, better father, better fisherman, better driver, better writer–and makes me want to think up more neat jokes!


  2. Have a great time. on a side note, saw this comment on one of the Occupy the whatever fb pages that are springing up and thought of your term, recreational poverty.

    “If anyone wants to look sharp for the cameras I have a Freitag messenger bag and DVX hemp sandals – $550. I’ll even scuff them up a bit. Looks nicely poverty-stricken if you accessorize with an imported leather bracelet, dirty shirt etc. Or just skip showering… you’re used to that”

  3. I’m reading a book right now by Rabbi Daniel Lapin called “Thou Shall Prosper.” It gives insight into why Jews seems to be wealthy. It’s not a get rich quick book but talks about doing business fairly and not to be afraid of making money.


  4. Wow. There are different ones for different areas of my life.

    For my health I had to knock off a few dozen kilos. There is a gal named Jenn on MyFitnessPal.com that has lost a ton of weight – well over 100 pounds. Her posts about the journey are awesome.

    My pastor always inspires me and left a nice post for me on Facebook last night about the prophetic classes I am teaching this weekend. He and I are hitting a conference out in Redding, CA next month at Bethel.

    In the day-to-day it is guys and gals over at KingdomBloggers.com. They are awesome! Tony C. Joyce, Andrea, and Tracy.

    I belong to an email list with some ministers around the country – they pray for me, send me words of encouragement, and are really wonderful.

    Then there are a few blogs I read all the time, this just one. 😉

    I am little bit like John (above), after 100 blogs, I pretty much quit and I am rereading all my wonderful wisdom (coff) and in it are some things that I could have only gotten from God. Just a few gems – but part of my relationship with Jesus.

    The most important one is my wife. Man she is just an amazing life-live-er! She find great joy in small things, quiet moments, and alos humor in my idiosyncrasies. Pillow talk is always good for a chuckle or two.

    Have fun , Matt!

  5. My Wife…she is running her first Marathon race tomorrow…

    She is running the 5k…in her first time to pick up running in a long time…

    I’m very proud of her…and she is very inspiring…

  6. love Erwin McManus, and I get some traction from Perry Noble’s blog. I would love to find some new authors. Of course this blog is the best!

  7. I just finished reading Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship by Alan & Debra Hirsch. That book rocked my socks off. It paints a compelling picture of missional discipleship.

    I’m also being inspired by some very compassionate people in my community. There is a lot of healing going on in our community right now and a lot of spiritual orphans are coming to know the Father. It’s beautiful.

  8. A few months ago I discovered Jeff Goins via a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog. Jeff’s thoughts on creativity and making dreams happen has greatly inspired me.

    Have fun in ATL! I’ll be following the awesomeness from my lonely cubicle in Seattle.

  9. Have a great time at Catalyst, dude.

  10. You inspire me, Matt. Because despite your “brushes with greatness”, being listed on the top 100 Christian blogs, guest posts and high profile interviews, you’ve stayed true to yourself. You haven’t tried to be a different version of someone else. That’s getting to be a rare commodity these days.

  11. I am continually inspired by Beth Moore. Continually.
    And my dog. If I could only find someone to love me like he does. Faithful. Forgiving. Always ready to listen. Always willing to go whereever I want to go.
    If I could only emulate Jesus like he does…

  12. The Kendrick brothers from Sherwood Baptist Church. My wife and I went to see “Courageous” today. This is definitely their best movie to date, and those guys have been gifted with weaving a God-centered story together in ways that really punch you in the gut and then lift you back to your feet!

  13. Wish I could be there this year, but its just not in the cards to travel to the States right now. I am being rocked by Bill Johnson and the Bethel Church podcast out of Redding, CA. His recent message “blank check” really checked me. I love their music too, the latest is “Be Lifted High.” Beyond that, I enjoy reading many of the bloggers you mentioned. I have them on fired up on RSS and ready to go. Send them our love when you all meet!

  14. Hmm, good question.

    I’m being inspired by a friend of mine who blogs infrequently but with incredible insight at http://agrandmosey.blogspot.com.

    Mac Lake is always a great read on leadership at http://maclakeonline.com.

  15. First off Matt you are a bigger fish than you think. Secondly I am inspired right now by Brian “Head” Welch. Am reading through his books and being challenged.